May 18, 2024


my dog ​​has a bird

A dog’s body clock is specifically tuned to mealtimes. When this biological clock meets a real wall clock that emits bird sounds, it leads to animal conditioning that Pavlov would really appreciate.

A sofa in its natural habitat, a favorite activity:

A sofa in its natural habitat, a favorite activity: “eating” – the author’s dog is everything you want from a four-legged friend.

Iconic image: Annika Buetch

My dog ​​is lazy, cute, and greedy, as befits a good four-legged friend. Their natural habitat is ideally on the couch, snuggled up with their favorite person. His boundless appetite is impressive, evidenced by the fact that he steals anything edible that isn’t nailed down. Not even a bag of kale, a bag of flour, or a cup of coffee is safe from a charming and cold-hearted thief.

But it’s certainly not because he isn’t getting enough food. Because this successful criminal always eats at 8 o’clock in the morning and in the evening. I have a wall clock in my kitchen that plays a different bird call every hour on the hour. At 8 o’clock it’s the blackbird’s turn to sing.

At 8:15, my dog ​​gets up from where he’s sleeping and looks at me expectantly. But by the time the blackbird chirps at the latest, his expression changes from one of anticipation to one of disapproval. This situation changes again only after he gets his well-deserved meal into his stomach and retires to the couch to digest.

The question I’m asking myself now is, does my dog ​​get hungry when he hears blackbirds? Probably not, because he is always hungry. But I hope that one day, when I go for a walk with him, I can hear the blackbirds chirping and his disapproving gaze falls on me. He definitely deserved a reward for it.

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