May 18, 2024

An animal shelter in Munich urgently needs donations to treat a dog. His medical records were frightening.

On Monday, a Munich animal shelter launched a call for donations for Muffin the dog on Facebook. Muffin’s fate has since touched hundreds of users. Due to repeated relocation and inappropriate handling, the 11-year-old mutt will likely require several treatments, which will likely cost a significant amount of money.

Muffin arrived in Germany from Bulgaria as a puppy in 2013 and will be placed in an animal shelter from 2021, according to animal lovers. Because of Muffin’s appearance, he falls under the listed dog regulations, but Muffin had to be brought back to Bulgaria because his subsequent owner did not obtain the required temperament report.

He has many scars from when he was a stray dog.

After losing much of his strength and sustaining numerous injuries as a stray dog, his former owner in Bavaria took him in, but kept him locked on the balcony of his home. The man’s neighbor noticed this and contacted an animal rescue group. Muffin ended up at an animal shelter in Munich, but along the way he suffered from a number of illnesses that still plague him to this day.

The animal shelter speaks of a “complete loss of health.” In addition to severe dental problems and a breast the size of a golf ball, Muffin also suffers from leishmaniasis, a Mediterranean disease, and symptoms of canine malaria. These include fever, hair loss, and blood in the urine.

The animal shelter’s recently published appeal for donations sparked a wave of sympathy on Monday. Several people reported making donations to animal shelters because of the muffins after the post. In total, around 1,000 people expressed their regret at Muffin’s condition in his usual Facebook response.

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