May 27, 2024

In his personal life, Wahlberg also leads by example. “I didn’t originally want to get a dog because I already have four kids and a lot of work to do. Now we have four dogs and I’m thinking of getting another one.” said the actor, musician, and entrepreneur. Because that’s what they bring so much joy and love into our home. ”

Wahlberg’s allergy to animal hair hasn’t dampened his enthusiasm for his animal friends. “I’m allergic to almost everything, trees, bushes and everything else,” reported a 52-year-old man who said he takes anti-allergy medication daily. “With dogs, allergies are easier for me to tolerate. It also depends on whether your dog has long or short hair.”

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Movie stars are unlikely to keep cats long term. But he was adamant that it wasn’t because of allergies or because he had any feelings towards cats. “Cats don’t like me,” Wahlberg said. “That is the question.”

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