May 27, 2024

House of Cards, a series about political power intrigue, stars actor Kevin Spacey as an ambitious congressman who is driven by boundless realism and has no qualms about it. It begins with an infamous scene that reveals. An accident happens, someone dies in front of the house, a dog is seriously injured, and he solves the problem by killing the animal.

So when Kristi Noem, President Donald Trump’s running mate, decided to explain the killing of a young hunting dog in her latest book, she wanted to show realism and determination. You might think so. She believed the animal, a 14-month-old German wirehaired pointer, was untrainable. Instead of retrieving the pheasant, the animal attacked the chicken, but from the dog’s perspective, that might not be far off. However, the mistress was no longer in the mood to educate her. She also didn’t ask herself critical questions about how she chose or raised her dog. She just shot him.

And before anyone else dredged up this story, she confidently let the public know in a pamphlet that she opposed political correctness. Since then, it has been raining criticism. And Noem never admits mistakes, but rather pursues a strategy of reinterpreting them. Especially if you want to be President Trump’s running mate. he doesn’t apologize for anything. Mistaking ruthlessness for strength, he storms the Capitol and pretends to be innocent while being persecuted. Kristi Noem may have thought he could sell any story to Trump supporters as long as it was about strength and determination. Shoot the dog because it won’t comply? Hey, people, this is a free country, send the Democrats to dog school!

However, some convictions still seem to exist among the American public. You can’t tell a positive story about shooting a dog, man’s most loyal friend. Celebrities in the American political world are now posting many happy photos with their beloved dogs. The veteran Democrat, like the governor of Minnesota, is pictured gently feeding his loyal four-legged friends spoonfuls of ice cream. And former President Trump challenger Hillary Clinton digs into her old adage: “Don’t vote for someone you don’t trust your dog with.”

Of course, some may wonder why the outrage isn’t at least as great as Trump and his people pursue such cruel goals against the people. For example, in the case of children of immigrants. Why do dogs cause riots throughout the camp? Probably because the case is so obvious. Killing dependent animals because they were not nurtured is simply wrong. It violates values ​​such as civility, loyalty, and respect – values ​​that have made America great. It would be foolish to shoot it. And it’s even more stupid to brag about it.

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