May 27, 2024

Lele Pons has over 53 million followers on Instagram and 18 followers on YouTube, but best of all, she has a dog. The 27-year-old’s dog saved him from a pit bull attack. However, she herself had to undergo treatment afterwards.

While filming a charity game show in New York, Pons appeared with a bandaged hand. what happened? “Iattacked by pit bull “More accurately, my dog ​​was almost attacked by a pit bull,” she said, describing the “really bad” situation of the past 24 hours, People reported.

pit bull chasing her cinnamon-colored Maltese, Toby.When asked about the large bandage she wore on her hand during filming, she explained:

put your hand in the pit bull’s mouth

“He ran towards my dog ​​and when he grabbed him,” she grabbed Toby and put her hand in the pit bull’s mouth. Naturally, this didn’t end well. Pons didn’t care, even if he had to have stitches afterwards. “I’m a mother!” she declared belligerently.

Also, what wasn’t the best idea was that influencers I waited almost 24 hours to go to the doctor.. The Pons lived in Miami, and it was there that Toby was targeted by the pit bull. She didn’t want to miss filming in New York, so she jumped on a plane without even being able to see a doctor.

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