May 18, 2024

Once the documentary ends, the VR experience begins. At Dok-Fest Munich, more than 100 of his films from 51 countries will be shown until mid-May, offering an insight into the different realities of life. as a linear, unchanging projection. In addition, there are four viewing experiences available at the “VR Pop-up Cinema” that expands documentaries to another dimension. An experimental film with individual changes and physical effects. I also try to express myself artistically by making things that are invisible at first glance concrete in a different way.

For example, there’s “I Wanna Be Ur Dog” by Kathryn Brunner and Oliver Cieslik. It’s so exciting to see the world from a dog’s perspective. Visiting his pop-up shop in the Ruffinihaus on Lindermarkt, you sit expectantly on a bar stool like a dog waiting for a treat, waiting for what’s to come. First, there are special glasses. As you know, you can’t have a VR experience without it (admission is free, but we recommend booking your time slot in advance at

39th Munich Documentary Film Festival

:What Dok-Fest offers

In May, 109 films from 51 countries will be screened in Munich, the majority of which are also available for streaming. The 39th annual festival focuses on the state of democracy, online surveillance, AI, and cultural issues. Big overview.

Written by Bernhard Brehil, Josef Gruble, and Barbara Hordych

You will then begin a virtual journey lasting between 30 minutes and an hour. First, in a short documentary video he gets to know about three dogs and their owners. Playing around (‘Freedom’), interactions between guide dogs and visually impaired people (‘Trust’), and surfing and swimming in the Eisbach River (‘Peace’). You then leave the documentary through eye contact and a portal. And become a dog.

This is where the magic begins and where VR art fills the void left by regular movies (even the most fantastical ones). It changes color, shows its owner’s heartbeat, and smells float through the air like billowing clouds. The viewer is startled and turns back and forth on the bar stool, eyes exploring the dog’s surroundings. For example, Puzzing’s shopping arcade becomes colorful and larger when his guide dog smells the bratwurst. wonderful!

Dogs are also welcome. You must reserve a suitable time slot online in advance. (Photo: Myndstorm Productions/Dok-Fest Munich)

There is often talk of a change in perspective. This work is a concrete example of how art can accomplish this. Of course, the creators of this project, which is funded by the Bavarian Film and Television Fund (FFF), are not creating a realistic simulation of the animal’s sensory world. they don’t want to do that. Rather, she and her team transform the data into her creative, sometimes impressionistic 3D world. Visualized sensory impressions are based on measurements of the protagonist’s brain waves, breathing, sweat, and heartbeat. The production took her two years and was filmed in places such as Pursing and Eisbach, among others.

Other VR movies also visualize the seemingly impossible, or at least the unknown. “The Emperor” by Marion Berger and Ilan Cohen also trains the imagination. A poetic, autobiographical story with a black-and-white aesthetic allows those who wear glasses to immerse themselves in the world of experiences of people suffering from aphasia. So if you can’t think of the right words or find it difficult to say them, this exciting combination of documentary, fiction, and dreams dares you to do just that.

“The Emperor” is an immersive father-daughter story as a virtual reality experience. (Photo: Atlas V, Reynard Films)

“VR Pop-up Cinema” is organized in collaboration with Dok-Fest Munich, XR HUB Bavaria and Munich Creative Business Week. Projects that truly expand the horizons include “Origin – A Journey to the Heart of the Amazon” (Emilia Sánchez Cicchetti and Mocán Lono) and Lisa Eder’s “Wildnis AR App”. These are two multimedia experiences that connect to forest ecosystems. Once to the inhabitants of the Amazon, and once to the burrows of red-headed woodpeckers in the Bavarian forests.

VR Pop-up Cinema, Dok-Fest Munich, until Sunday 12th May, Ruffinihaus, Lindermarkt, free admission; Book your time slot online at

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