May 20, 2024

Good morning, Cele!

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Today I’ve compiled here the most important news for our city and district – delivered briefly and concisely. Have a nice start to your day.

Oliver Gutz on the news desk

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Criticism of Nigge’s “neutrality” line toward the Nazis

Can the mayor participate in demonstrations against Nazis? Jörg Nyge, the mayor of Celle, says he has to be “neutral” and should not be. Nienhagen’s colleague Jörg Makel has a very different opinion.

What exactly does Jorg Makel say? “I took the same oath as Mr. Nige, and it is this very oath that in no way prohibits me from participating. On the contrary, this oath obliges me to uphold the Constitution through my words and deeds. .”

When will we know who will take to the streets against the Nazis and who will not? 1am. Never in Celle.

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Nienhagen’s Dangerous Dog Fear

The situation is as follows. Two animals were injured in a bite attack at a dog pasture in Nienhagen. The owners of the Cane Corso that caused the problem are said to have fled the scene.

The results are as follows. The infected man in Akita Prefecture is feeling better again. Nothing is known about the fate of the second dog attacked.

Police say: Police are currently receiving several information. However, the owner has not yet been identified.

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Postbank cash services will be phased out

No more cash: Old Postbank customers particularly like the free cash service of the Post Office’s affiliated branch in Lachendorf, “Haus der Mein Dinge”. However, this offer will be discontinued soon.

Changes in customer behavior: Postbank has justified the phase-out at its partner branches by saying more people are paying cashless.

There are also alternatives: Postbank customers who need cash do not need to drive to the nearest branch in Celle. A Postbank spokesperson offered an alternative.

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Airfield catering “Arloh 207” opens on May 1st

Initial situation: The catering industry at Arlow Airfield near Cheyenne has been closed for several years in recent years, leaving members of the Celle Aviation Association to fend for themselves. Andre Osterloh and his team are currently taking over the site.

This is how it works:A young boss who has been in the industry for a long time changes the menu, adds a tasty drink or two, and declares he will “eat like mom.” By the way, we welcome not only planes, but also other guests, for example, from neighboring regions.

Here’s how to get started: After a trial month with club members, the official opening will take place on Wednesday, May 1st at 11am. Osterloh said normal business hours are Wednesdays from 5pm to 10pm and Saturdays and Sundays from 11:30am to 5pm, with the possibility of an “open end” on weekends. It is said that there are also.

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Aiming for new momentum for the city festival

happened: The new board of the Cellar City Festival Association has invited people to the Helpers Festival. More than 170 people came.

The goals are: Preparations are progressing with renewed vigor for the festival on September 13th and 14th.

The contact person is: Bernd Wengerer will be the new chairman, succeeding Wolfgang Reichert.

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