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For as long as literature has existed, writers have been writing about dogs. What this means is explored in the special feature “Dogs in Literature”, which will be broadcast on NDR Kultur from 8pm today and is already available in the ARD audio library.

Written by Joachim Dix

Behavioral researcher Konrad Lorenz liked working with cancer, but he was clear: “Any dog ​​is better than no dog.” Karl Zuckmeyer, author of The Devil’s General, said, “Life without a dog is a mistake.” Lorio famously deduced from this that “life without a pug is possible, but meaningless.”

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Young woman with dog lying on bed at home.  © Eva Blanco Photography.  / Photo: Eva Blanco Fotografia.

This feature by Manuela Reichart (Deutschlandfunk Kultur, 2021) can already be heard in the ARD audio library.external

Reciting dog: After the applause there’s food – or is there not?

For author Ulrike Drezner, there was no question that her dog was a frequent presence in public. “Dog was actually very good. He got on stage with a recitation. He learned very early on: There are recitations, they’re basically boring, but there was applause. But it was terrible, because I had to ask the audience, “Please don’t clap after you finish reading. Please allow me to ask questions!” It didn’t happen.

“The dog has no meaning, he is the meaning.”

Monica Maron dedicated the story “Bonnie Propeller” to her dog, after already carving out a canine theology in the sentence “Dogs have no meaning, that’s the meaning” at a poetry lecture in Frankfurt. And she likes to have this feeling close to her. “My two big dogs have been lying under my desk for years,” the author said. “This little dog likes to lie on the couch wherever and however she wants, but close by. Sometimes she uses her armchair because she’s so small.”

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Jan Wiedemann and Bernese Mountain Dog on the beach © NDR Photo: Jan Wiedemann

“Like a woman, like a wow”: Can all dogs be assigned to presenters, editors and employees of NDR Kultur? Read more

A strict writer like Thomas Mann would never have allowed this kind of intimacy. That’s why his dog book is called “Master and Dog,” and if it weren’t for the subtitle “An Idyll,” the title might also suggest Machiavellian military instruction. Thomas Mann knew how to get around repressed love.

It’s a short-haired German chicken dog. If you don’t want to take this term too strictly and strictly, take it with a grain of salt. Because the Baushan is probably not a chicken dog as it is written in the books and according to the closest observation. ”
from: “The Lord and the Dogs. Idyll” by Thomas Mann

“A miracle greater than the phenomena of light and sound waves”

But no matter how much the love for dogs becomes stories and words, everyone seems to agree on this.

The relationship between dogs and humans is a miracle greater than phenomena such as light, sound waves, electricity, or chemistry.
from: “On the Leash” by Mechtild Lichnowsky

Author Mechtild Lichnowsky writes in his book An der Rijne: And if you want to hear the great Gertrude Stein express this phrase, remember her interpretation of Descartes’ famous sentence, “I think, therefore I am.” “I am who I am as my little dog knows me.”

Don’t miss Ernst Jandl’s pug

As you may have noticed, the special feature “On a Leash: Dogs in Literature and Under the Desk” not only expands our educational horizons, but also exercises our laughter muscles. You can’t miss Ernst Jandl’s observations about the special relationship between humans and dogs.

Otto’s pug rebels
Otto: Fort Mopps Keep
Otto’s pug jumps
otto: soso

otto holt koch
otto gets the fruit
otto listens
Otto: Mop Mop
otto hopes

Otto’s Pugnock
Otto: Pug come here.
Otto’s pug is coming
Otto’s pug vomiting method
Ot: Ogot Got
“Otto’s Pug” by Ernst Jandl

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Young woman with dog lying on bed at home.  © Eva Blanco Photography.  / Photo: Eva Blanco Fotografia.

Both dogs and people. This is a story of a long relationship of friendship and loyalty. A special relationship that is intense, creative and leaves its mark on life, especially literature.more

Dog peeking out from under the blanket © IMAGO / Westend61

The story of dogs and humans goes back thousands of years. How did it come about? And what does the puppy look like?more

Ballet director Marco Goecke sits on a bench in the forest with his dachshund. © Screenshot

A former ballet director smeared his dog’s feces on critics at the Hannover Opera.more

Choreographer Marco Goecke wears sunglasses and looks sideways at the camera ©picture Alliance/dpa Photo: Christophe Gateau

The choreographer smeared the journalist with dog feces. Prosecutors considered this a physical insult.more

Pug with tongue out. ©NDR Photo: Screenshot

5 minutes

Germany should do more to curb cruel breeding. Dogs aren’t the only ones who suffer from lifelong pain. 5 minutes

The dog is looking into the camera. © Screenshot

The Goldendoodle won, beating out more than 20 candidates. “Hermine” is supposed to be a companion to the series dog.more

A dog is sitting in the classroom. © Screenshot

4 minutes

Our furry friends attend lessons at least two days a week to ensure a good learning environment. 4 minutes

dog © screenshot

1 minute

Dogs and cats are allowed at the Schwerin Rehabilitation Clinic. They can support the addict’s healing process. 1 minute

Five dogs are lying in the meadow.  (Elste Extra Edition 3 from April 18, 2024) © NDR

2 minutes

Our love for pets has a profound impact on the environment.How can I solve all these problems? 2 minutes

Pug farting.  (Elste Extra Edition 3 from April 18, 2024) © NDR

8 minutes

An inconvenient truth and the serious consequences of our love of animals for the environment. 8 minutes

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