July 12, 2024

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Aslan is an old dog with a heart defect who lives in an animal shelter in Essen. His life expectancy is not long and for his last moments he is looking for a quiet home.

Food – There is calmness in Aslan’s eyes, but also a touch of sadness. The dog’s grandfather currently lives in an animal shelter in Essen (NRW), where he recently rescued 71 cats from his apartment. Aslan is now looking for a new home. It’s what animal shelters call a “hospice place.” Because Aslan doesn’t have long to live and his last days shouldn’t be spent in an animal shelter.

Aslan doesn’t have much time left to live – an animal shelter in Essen is looking for someone to adopt him

“Aslan is a very kind and frugal old man who is looking for a comfortable and relaxing home,” Essen Animal Shelter wrote on Facebook. “Aslan is running out of time.” They say Aslan has a serious heart defect and the stress of being in an animal shelter was taking a toll on him. “It’s unclear how much time he has left.”

Aslan is described as a cozy and relaxed dog.
Aslan, the dog grandpa at the Essen animal shelter, is looking for a hospice place. © Animal Shelter Essen

Therefore, anyone who welcomes Aslan home can expect a relaxing walk. He then lies down “comfortably on the couch,” the animal shelter wrote. If you have a dog at home, the magazine goes on to say that an older dog is ideal. “Because he’s so young he’s going to be under a lot of stress.”

Condolences on Facebook: “Good luck, Grandpa Aslan”

It is also unclear whether he has already met a cat. If someone lives in his house, someone a little older is ideal. The animal shelter asked, “Does anyone else have a place to leave a relaxed grandpa?” After a recent successful Facebook appeal, the dog’s grandpa Juno, who lives in Essen, was brought to Gelsenkirchen. I was able to bring him.

People on Facebook are already hoping Aslan will find a new home. “We are doing everything we can for you,” someone wrote. Some people simply pray, “Good luck, Grandpa Aslan.” (Eve)

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