May 27, 2024

Last week, a 13-month-old child was bitten to death by two pit bulls in southern Italy. In February, a woman was run over while jogging in Rome, and last fall, two women were attacked and killed by dogs in Austria. UT24 spoke to Christina Gaffler, a dog trainer from Winschgau who runs a dog school in Loveland in collaboration with German dog pro Martin Rütter.

Last week, the news (reported by UT24) that a dog attacked a boy in southern Italy shocked society. The mother of a 13-month-old boy tried to save the infant from the dog’s clutches, but to no avail. Rescue workers could only determine that the child was dead. The rise in incidents has led to calls for stricter rules and consequences for dog owners.

UT24 contacted experienced dog trainer Christina Gaffler from Winschgau to get her expert opinion on the brutal incident. “I’m shocked by incidents like this and how people often don’t socialize their dogs and are too naive when interacting with animals. Awareness for people who want to own a dog. I think we need to improve it even more.”

Be thoroughly informed

Many people want to get a dog, but don’t realize how much work it means. Therefore, many people often take it lightly, Ghafriller said in an interview. UT24. “We need to be more aware that dogs are living things. We also need to ask ourselves which breed we choose. Many people simply choose the dog they like best. You end up not knowing who is on the leash.”

precautionary measures

When asked if dog licensing might be the solution, Vin Sugar Dog Trainer replied: Before purchasing a dog, you should at least research the job thoroughly. Socialization between humans and dogs, as well as between other dogs, is very important, so several hours of “forced dog training” must then be completed. Dog owners should just keep their dogs under control. ”

Pitbull – dog fighting?

In many media outlets, the term “dog fighting” often refers to Rottweiler or Pitbull dogs. Gafler said the term is used because pit bull dogs were actually bred for dog fighting in the past. However, just as Rottweilers belong to the herding dog breed, pit bulls belong to the Great Dane dog breed, and therefore the term “fighting dog” should not be used in this sense, according to Gafriller. He says he can’t.

For example, pit bulls are good domestic dogs, but it always depends on how the dog is raised, dog trainers said. UT24.

Go to dog trainer and dog school

Since 2015, dog trainer Kristina Gafriller has been running South Tyrol’s first DOGS dog school. This dog school collaborates with the famous German dog trainer, presenter and author Martin Rütter.

The dog school’s training area is located on Salling Street in Loveland, Parchins. This place can be reached in 15 minutes from Meran.

Photo: Christina Gafriller and Martin Rütter

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