May 21, 2024

Who would do that? On Tuesday (April 23), unknown people tied a dog to a guardrail on the A1 in Ascheberg (NRW) and ran away.

What remained was a male Yorkshire Terrier with a blue collar. I was left alone in the middle of nowhere and completely shaken up. The discoverer took the poor dog to the Lüdinghausen Animal Friends Association. At the animal shelter, it quickly became apparent that this four-legged friend had a lot of work to do.

Dog abandoned in NRW A1: ‘extremely neglected’

Animal caretakers at the NRW animal shelter are convinced that the little Yorki is not having a good time. First impressions suggested that. I was convinced when I looked inside his mouth. “The few teeth he still has are all loose and will have to be surgically removed,” explained animal friend Lüdinghausen.

That’s not all. “His ears have been cleared of severe contamination and blockage, and he has also undergone medical treatment. He also has a poor skin condition and his eyes are also being treated,” the animal lovers summarized.

Rudy the dog was abandoned on A1 in Ascheberg. photograph: Animal lovers Lüdinghausen

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Good news. Rudy, as Ludinghausen’s animal friends call him, has not lost his courage to live despite adversity. From now on, they will be cared for by employees who are animal lovers. The ultimate hope of everyone involved is “to finally free him from his suffering and allow him to live a wonderful, loving, ‘new’ life,” but the NRW animal shelter faces major challenges. .

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NRW animal shelter asks for help

This is because the treatment of little Rudy is likely to be quite expensive and beyond the financial possibilities of animal lovers. That’s why she’s now asking for help through her donation portal.

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The animal shelter is also looking for the owner of the dog who cruelly abandoned poor Rudy on a highway in Münsterland. Did you see something or did you recognize the dog? Then contact Tierfreunde Lüdinghausen at 02598-9292532 or by email at

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