May 27, 2024

Cold dogs, also known as “cold snouts” in some regions, evoke wonderful childhood memories for some people. Because chocolate cake is an absolute classic and a must-have for any child’s birthday party. Who can resist the delicious combination of chocolate and cookies?

Preparing the cake is not difficult at all. That’s because cold dogs consist of just a few ingredients and don’t require baking at all. Therefore, this cake is perfect for beginners in baking or as a last-minute children’s birthday cake.

Introducing an easy cold dog recipe that will make people of all ages smile.

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Cold Dog: Easy chocolate cake recipe

Cold Dog is really quick to make. Just leave the cake in the fridge for a while until the chocolate hardens. Therefore, it should be prepared at most one day in advance of consumption. Cold dogs don’t need to be baked, just layer them, so it’s great to make with your kids.

You will need the following materials:

  • Butter biscuit 250g
  • Dark chocolate couverture 150g
  • Whole milk couverture 450g
  • 150g coconut fat
  • whipped cream 200g
  • 2 bags vanilla sugar

That aside:

It’s done like this:

1. First, line the bread pan with plastic wrap. Then roughly chop the couverture with a sharp knife and finely chop the coconut oil. Dissolve both together in a water bath.

Tips: Always melt chocolate gently over a double boiler to prevent it from burning. A stainless steel melting bowl is perfect for this (here on Amazon)*. These are best hung in a pot of hot water.

2. Let the chocolate mixture cool slightly and stir in the vanilla sugar and cream.

3. Layer the chocolate cookie cakes. To do this, first pour a thin layer of chocolate mixture into a loaf mold and smooth it. Next, place a layer of shortbread cookies on top of the chocolate. If the cookies don’t fit, you can break them up.

Would you like to make your own cookies? The video has an easy recipe for shortcrust pastry cookies.

Cold Dog: Easy Recipe for the Most Delicious Chocolate Cookie Cake

4. Next there is another layer of chocolate and another layer of biscuits. Repeat this process until you run out of cookies. At the end, chocolate cream is on top.

5. Place the loaf pan in the refrigerator for at least 6 hours (or better, overnight) until the chocolate has set.

6. Next, remove the cake from the mold, place it on a plate, and remove the plastic wrap. When ready to serve, cut the cake into several equally sized slices. If you are preparing cold dogs for your child’s birthday party, you can decorate them at the end with smarties or colorful chocolate sprinkles.

Of course, there are no limits to your creativity here. Colorful objects look great on the surface of dark chocolate. And it tastes delicious too!

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