May 18, 2024

The fate of the dogs and cats at the Bochum Animal Shelter is of great concern to animal lovers. Behind googly eyes often lies a story that not only leaves you speechless, but also affects you most of all.

Now, the facility is speaking out with an emotional Facebook post about the dog “Jurgen.” This 9-month-old four-legged friend is no stranger to the Bochum animal shelter. But the visit doesn’t just bring tears to employees’ eyes.

Bochum animal shelter tells a moving story

Some people may think that puppies in particular have a high chance of being adopted. Animal rights activists have repeatedly warned against giving cute baby animals as gifts for birthdays or Christmas. After the celebration, many often come to the bitter realization that puppies, kittens, etc. have a lot of work to do. This can quickly become uncomfortable, especially for children. For many people, going to an animal shelter is often the easiest solution.

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The dog “Jürgen” was also at the Bochum animal shelter as a puppy. He was able to be placed here after a while. But just a few months later, his new owners had the bitter realization that as he got older, he was becoming more and more of a “problem person.” This is because “Jürgen” is currently in adolescence and therefore in “a critical period of stormy life.”

Will the dog really get a happy ending?

Employees were heartbroken when the young dog suddenly reappeared on their doorstep. And “Jurgen” is clearly upset that he didn’t find a “forever home” even though he ended up returning to the Bochum animal shelter. “He is very sad. Now is the time to give him reassurance and lots of encouragement,” animal shelter workers wrote on a video showing the four-legged friend grieving.

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Animal lovers are also greatly influenced by Facebook posts. “Why would you do that?” one woman asks. “Poor man,” says another in agony. If you can’t resist the dog Button Eyes and would like to get to know him, you can contact the Bochum Animal Shelter on 0234 295950.

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