May 21, 2024

The cost of a contractor to repair a scratch on a parquet floor, the medical costs of someone who falls while riding a bicycle, or the legal costs of being bitten by a neighbor’s dog. All of this personal injury and property damage that dogs can cause is covered by basic personal liability insurance, explains Helvetia Insurance spokesperson Eric Zeller. For this purpose, he specifies that the contractually defined deductions must be taken into account.

If my dog ​​causes damage to a person or property, even though the animal is defined as a “property” in insurance terminology, liability insurance would still not cover it. “Dogs must be properly stored in accordance with legal and public requirements for insurance companies to cover damages,” says Zeller. When you go out, make sure your dog is supervised at all times and if a leash is required, this must be complied with. If a dog roams freely in the area and causes an accident, the liability insurance of the responsible dog owner will not cover the accident.

State of residence is decisive

Therefore, you must bring your dog with you. It doesn’t really matter who this accompanist is. This means that if your co-worker or your mother takes your dog for a walk and something happens, you’re covered. “If someone else walks the dog with the owner’s consent, such damage will be covered by the owner’s liability insurance,” explains Eric Zeller.

There is also no need to purchase specific dog insurance. Because dogs are considered so-called “common pets,” damage caused by dogs is covered by regular liability insurance — at least in Helvetia’s case, a spokesperson said.

Some states require dog owners to carry liability insurance. However, some states currently do not have liability obligations. These are the cantons of Lucerne, Nidwalden, Uri and Zug in central Switzerland, and the French-speaking cantons of Neuchâtel and Jura. Other states, such as the canton of Graubünden, define liability insurance only for certain breeds. “As a general rule, we recommend all dog owners check their state’s legal requirements,” the experts say.

Let’s switch sides: As a dog owner, I’m on the safe side when it comes to the cost if my dog ​​gets mauled or bitten by another dog. Because in that case, the responsible party’s liability insurance must cover the resulting veterinary costs. “In principle it is possible, but injuries to your own animal can only be claimed if the road user or dog owner who caused the injury can be found and their insurance determined,” says Zeller. If this is not possible, for example if the driver continues to drive after a collision, it may be worth taking out separate animal insurance.

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in case of illness

Conceptually, this works similar to people’s health insurance. “Insurance companies such as Animalia and Epona, as our two-legged friends know, offer similar policies for dog illness and accident insurance, with annual deductibles and expense coverage rates of 90 percent.” says Didier Ott of Animalia Insurance. But how do I know if such special insurance is worth it for my animal? “Medical bills can add up quickly, and hip dysplasia surgery costs $12,000. If you cannot cover these costs, you should consider animal insurance,” says the expert.

A wide range of services are covered. Animalia Insurance provides worldwide coverage in case of an accident or emergency, with unlimited insurance coverage for neighboring countries. Cover your treatment costs with unlimited insurance. Up to CHF 600 per year will be reimbursed for complementary medicine treatments such as chiropractic, osteopathy, behavioral therapy and homeopathy.

However, some illnesses and treatments may not be covered. Treatments related to reproduction, pregnancy, and childbirth, as well as reconstructive surgery for cosmetic purposes.

Various price lists

There are very few exclusion criteria when it comes to dogs. “We also have insurance for a three-month-old dog and a 12-year-old grandpa,” said Didier Yuo. But there are differences when it comes to race. Almost all insurance companies offer race-based pricing. So if you insure a disease-prone breed like a French bulldog, your premiums will likely be a little higher, experts say. But how much money do dog owners have to spend annually on health and accident insurance? Didier Yuo uses the example of a 10-month-old female dachshund to explain how much money a dog owner has to spend on health insurance and accident insurance. 74.30 francs for accident and sickness insurance without genetic diseases, 225.30 francs for accident and sickness insurance without genetic diseases, and 324.30 francs for insurance with coverage for genetic diseases. The franchise was set at 800 francs. Once this is done, dog owners can send their veterinary bills to Animalia and only have to wait about two weeks for almost the entire amount of the bill to be refunded.

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