May 18, 2024

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“Sit” and “Put your legs up”: These commands work well for both little Holly (left) and Janie the Labrador. Bernhard Koeniger plays the role of a “kindergarten teacher”, so to speak, ensuring that future guide dogs learn all the basic commands. © I have

The Koeniger family of Dachau is a special family. We are a family that sponsors guide dogs. In doing so, the Koenigers are killing two birds with one stone. They are allowed to care for puppies for a year and are able to help the visually impaired.

dachau – The Koniger family of Dachau loves dogs more than anything. However, this four-legged friend is allowed to live together for only one year, after which the family returns him. That may sound heartless to many dog ​​owners, but for the Koenigers, it’s actually an act of charity. Because the puppies they raise will later be trained as guide dogs.

When Bernhard Koeniger threw a small orange ball in his hand across Dachau’s garden, the dog beside him wagged its tail in excitement. Then Johnny, the Labrador, sprints away. But the days are numbered when this four-legged friend can burst through Koeniger’s garden and have fun with his master. “I miss Johnny already,” Bernhard Koeniger said, sighing. A Labrador with black fur has a strong physique and friendly appearance, which makes it necessary to stay away from his family. Exactly one year later. Bernhard Koeniger then gave him to a breeder in Neuburg an der Donau, where he adopted him as a puppy, and also runs a dog school.

The cost is borne by the dog school, and the education fee is borne by the sponsor.

That’s part of the deal. That’s because the Koeniger family is the puppy’s sponsor. Johnny was born when he was two months old, and we brought him up with him. The dog school will pay for everything including meals, leashes, and veterinarian fees. But after a year, Janie must be returned to her breeder. The dogs are then trained there. Because Labradors are more than just pets. He is destined for greater things. Johnny will one day become a guide dog.

He is one of 15 dogs at the Seitl Guide Dog School, currently being cared for by sponsors across Bavaria. “525 guide dogs have successfully completed their training with us,” says Wolfgang Saitl. Animals make daily life easier for visually impaired people across Germany. One of Seitl’s guide dogs also lives in Petershausen.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the family decided to adopt a dog again.

Return to the Koeniger family garden. Behind Johnny, a beige Labrador runs across the meadow. Holly. She is 3 and a half months old, half the size of Johnny, and she is very playful. “A seamless transition makes it easy to say goodbye,” Koeniger explains. Because of this, before giving up her dog, she adopted another puppy from the Zytle Guide Dog School. This is because the last few weeks before a family has to say goodbye to their dog can be very difficult. “There are a lot of tears, but the little one makes up for it,” says Bernhard Koeniger, scratching Holly behind her ear. She is the fourth dog her family has temporarily adopted.

Koeniger’s relationship with dogs is short but very strong. Families cherish every moment together even more. “This year you’ll grow with us. It’s like having your own dog.”

Bernhard Koeniger came up with the idea of ​​sponsoring a puppy during the coronavirus pandemic. The Koenigers, who had previously owned Labradors, wanted to get a pet again several years after their Labrador’s death. There are benefits to owning a dog temporarily, says Bernhard Koeniger. For example, if your family is planning a long trip, you may not be getting a new dog this year.

I’m happy to be able to help people

For the Koenigers, it’s the challenge that particularly appeals to sponsoring a puppy. “Janny learned in just three months the tricks we taught a puppy a year ago,” says her 15-year-old daughter, Anna Koeniger, proudly.

Our little dog, Holly, is new to us. While his predecessor Janie is still busy with the ball, he works in the meadow. “We are currently training them at home,” says Bernhard Koeniger.

The family of four takes great pleasure in re-teaching the puppies all the important rules of behavior that will be important for their future work as guide dogs (see box). “It feels great when we can help people through this situation! Even though it’s hard to say goodbye, it feels good to remain in the Koeniger family.”

puppy sponsor jobs

As a puppy sponsor, you must teach your dog all the important basic commands. You should also be careful not to let your dog jump on the couch or bed during training. Dogs are not allowed to beg or run to other dogs. Four-legged friends should not be startled by everyday noises and sirens, and should not chase other animals. Puppy sponsors should practice daily events with the dog. This includes using public transport and escalators.

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