May 20, 2024

Nienhagen. He doesn’t want to leave anything undone. The owner of the male Akita dog filed a complaint with the police. He also made a poster. It says “dangerous animal”. “There have been several attacks by male Cane Corso Italianos in the Nienhagen dog pasture. At least one dog was mauled, another was seriously injured, and the dog was aggressive towards people present. There were some acts,” he continued. This animal is nicknamed “Blackie” and is extremely dangerous.

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April 7th Hundertacke

Over the weekend, police reported an incident that allegedly occurred in a fenced area in Michelweg between 10am and 11am on Sunday, April 7th. The owner of Zenji, a one-year-old male Akita, explains what happened to CZ: It didn’t seem like anyone was causing trouble. I have never seen a Cane Corso here. Then he attacked my dog ​​directly. He was very aggressive and bit my dog’s neck. ”The two animals were then able to be separated. The man drove the male dog to a veterinary clinic in Celle on Sunday.

“He had blood on his neck and didn’t look good.”

However, it did not stop after the first attack. Nienhager, 40, said the large dog with silver-black fur then attacked the smaller white dog. Zenji’s owner says, “I don’t know what kind of dog he was.” “I think it was a Havanese or a Maltese or something like that. Either way, the dog was seriously injured. There was blood in his neck and he couldn’t move anymore. It didn’t look good.”

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Akita “Zenji” survived the Cane Corso attack.

Police also reported that the owners of the dog left the dog park in their car shortly after the incident. Police spokesperson Ulrike Tormutral said the vehicle was likely black in color. After the initial reveal last weekend, we received a few tips. “The evidence is becoming more concrete,” she told CZ. However, the owner has not yet been identified. We have not yet heard from the owner of this small white dog. Therefore, it is unclear how serious the injuries sustained by the animal were.

A guard dog, but not an attack dog

Although the Cane Corso is a large and powerful dog, it is not considered a fighting dog. This animal is used as a guard dog.

“Zenji” survived the attack

Meanwhile, 40-year-old Nienhager, who filed the complaint and started an investigation, said her male Akita dog, Zenji, survived the attack to some extent. “He has bite marks on his neck. His right hind leg was also sprained and twisted. Thankfully, the vet says he probably won’t suffer any permanent damage. “But one thing’s for sure: “I don’t understand,” the man says.

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“I don’t want something like this to happen again.”

Owner of a male Akita Inu (40 years old)

The man went on to say that the poster he had placed on Michel Wiese was initially removed. He’s hanging a new one now. “I don’t want something like this to happen again.”

Police are still looking for witnesses

Police are still looking for witnesses to the incident. In particular, the owner of the seriously injured dog and the owners of other dogs who were at the scene are asked to contact Wadlingen Police Station on (05144) 495460.

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