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Kessler twins

Urn for 4 people: wishes to be buried with mother and dog

Today, April 29, 2024 | 10:55

Twins Alice and Ellen Kessler, 87, hope to be together in a shared urn even after death. The two sisters specified this unusual final wish in their wills. But they are not the only ones who should find their final rest there. As Alice and Ellen explained to Bild, two other deceased family members will also find their place in the urn.

Ellen Kessler explains: That’s what we want too. And that’s what we ordered in our will.” In addition to the two showbiz women, the remains of her mother, who died in 1977, and her blonde poodle, Yellow, will also be buried in the urn. Should. Her mother Elsa (†69) was buried in the Grünwald cemetery many years ago and left her beloved dog to her daughters.

The Kessler twins “loved their mother and Yellow very much.”

“We loved our mother and Yellow very much,” the twins say of their last wishes. They really enjoyed the company of their poodle and were very saddened by the loss of their four-legged friend. However, Yellow died at the age of 14. “He may have been older, but unfortunately he had angina pectoris. His enlarged heart compressed his lungs and he couldn’t breathe.” It was a shock for both of them, as the other person was “like a child”. The average lifespan of a Poodle is 12 to 15 years.

The Kessler twins had a great love for dogs and their mother and wanted to be connected to them forever, even after death. “We strongly hope that this wish will come true,” says Ellen.

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Bild therefore sought advice from Karl Albert Denk, 41, a Munich undertaker. Can he bury multiple people or animals together in one urn?

Munich lawyer explains the situation

He shatters the twins’ dreams – at first! “Basically, this is legally impossible. In Bavaria, you can’t bury two people in the same urn, and you can’t bury a dog in a human cemetery.” However, the undertaker will understand the sisters’ heartfelt wishes and will appeal to politicians and support the sisters. Do you object? Ash is ash.

Politics should be more responsive to the wishes of the people. Personally, I would fight to resolve this issue for the Kessler twins. ”

Great offer for Alice and Ellen Kessler. They want to be “united in death” at all costs. “That’s what we want too. And that’s what we set out in our will.”

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