May 20, 2024

Uterborg. The trap closes at 9:24 p.m. Melanie Kroll and Anna Schnabel stared at the monitor for three minutes to see if they were successful this time. It took 180 seconds for the greyhound “Rube” to overcome himself and fall into the rescue trap. The male greyhound was missing for 49 days. This marks the end of the trip for owner Myra Westphal and her husband Chris Kaprick of Uterborg.

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For a month and a half, the Uterborg couple worried and grieved, finally giving up on any hope that they would ever be able to rejoin the four-legged dog and hold a male dog again. Their happy ending is thanks to the many people who joined the search for their missing four-legged friend, most of them strangers to them. Before this experience, I would have never imagined that so many people felt so passionately about animals.

Escaped during a night walk in Uterborg: “Rube” ran away from his new owner

Life has not been easy for the boy, who was only a year and a half old. The dog, then known as Cali, came to Germany from Romania as part of an aid campaign through animal protection organizations concerned about the fate of homeless stray dogs in Eastern Europe, and was brought to the adoption center in the Eckmansdorf district of Niedergelsdorf. was raised in

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When Myra Westphal and Chris Kaprick found out about “Rube,” it was immediately clear if it was him or who it was. “We both grew up with dogs and had dreamed of bringing one into our home for some time,” says Westphal. But before “Rube” and his owner actually got to know each other, “Rube” ran away after a momentary shock during an evening walk and managed to disappear, still holding his collar and leash. .

Melanie Kroll crawled into the trap with Rube and secured him there with a double leash and harness.

“Initially, we thought he would leave for the night and then come back,” Westphal recalls. Today they know that a few days ago was not enough for “Rube” to accept his new home in the Uterborg Musician’s Quarter as his own, as if he had returned there of his own free will. Masu. To make matters worse, “Rube” was spotted somewhere for the next few weeks, and every time they drove to the location, the dog would panic and run away from people it felt was being chased.

Euterborg: Countless collaborators join in the search for “Cub”

The efforts of Myra Westphal and Christo Kapric were enormous. They spent days searching on their own, posting numerous search notices and advertisements in every corner of every town within a radius of about 20 kilometers. The biggest response came through social media, where the search for Cub quickly spread, sightings were exchanged and countless volunteers set out to capture the missing four-legged friend.

Today, the owners of “Rubes” know that while this union was good for them, it actually had the opposite effect. Because the large number of strangers who were always following him somewhere in the wilderness only further stimulated the escape instinct of “Rube”.

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It was only after Myra Westphal contacted the Berlin association Saving Soul Pfotensicherung that the search became organized. The organization has eight members and works primarily in the Berlin area, but depending on their abilities they also track dogs in surrounding areas and further afield. region.

Instead of the haphazard actions of many strangers, they used wildlife cameras and special bait stations at sighting sites, and eventually live traps placed there to trap the animals. Catching relies on fairly silent behavior.

Camera images show the “Rubaix” that escaped near Markendorf.

An important tip about where Rube often hangs out came from a hunter who set up a wildlife camera in the area between Jüterborg and Markendorf and spotted ‘Rube’ in the photo. Setting up bait stations and traps was fraught with obstacles because at one point the fire department was chasing cubs away during a forest fire, and at another the fire department was a rider. After several attempts, Lube finally showed up. However, it took several days for him to muster up the courage to fall into that trap.

Greyhound Rube was missing for 49 days, but the trap suddenly closed

The journey of Rube, a male greyhound from Uterborg, lasted 49 days. This animal was captured using a live trap.

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Lube’s 49-day journey ended with a loud bang. Animal rights activists already knew from camera footage that he probably wouldn’t survive long. Not only was the dog extremely emaciated, but the collar he was dragging had gotten stuck under his paws and was rubbing against his flesh, causing him to limp severely.

“Roubaix” has finally returned to the Uterborg homeland.

Myra Westphal and Chris Kaprick are still unable to speak after receiving a call from Melanie Kroll and Anna Schnabel, who told them they had a four-legged friend in the car and would bring her along. Not yet. “We both cried. As Christians, we believe this is a small miracle,” Westphal said. Due to Lube’s fatigue, the welcome ceremony was short-lived. His owners will never forget the sigh of relief he felt when he was finally allowed to lie down in his cage after 49 days of fear and hunger.

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The tips Rubes’ owners received from Melanie Kroll and Anna Schnabel about careful reacclimation, veterinary care, and gradual dietary adjustments were invaluable. You also now know how to properly secure your four-legged friend so they don’t run away. But most importantly, “Rübe” is back.


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