May 18, 2024

line up

Yesterday, Sunday, April 28, 2024, at around 2:30 p.m., a 23-year-old Lehrter farmer was working in his field on Piner Hare Street in the Lehrter Arts District in Aliguese when suddenly a waist-high A gray German shepherd attacked headless. A collar or harness was standing next to him. The dog’s owner was not found nearby.

The dog took a sniff and immediately bit the 23-year-old man’s arm. The man tried to shoo the dog away, but the German shepherd bit him several more times, leaving the 23-year-old with bite marks on both of his arms. Only then did the dog let go and run away.

Witnesses of the crime are asked to contact Laerte Police Station. Some people may be able to provide information about the dog or the dog’s owner. Police are currently investigating a case of manslaughter caused by a dog bite.

Anyone who witnessed the above facts or who can provide any previously unknown information about the owner of the dog is asked to contact Laerte Police Station on 05132/827-0 or any other police station.Information is also available online Open external link in new under the menu item “Give a tip”.

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