May 18, 2024

Long Beach (USA) – inside Social media Guaranteed heartbreaking videos of young children dog For excitement. The bull terrier mix was born last Wednesday in the coastal city of Long Beach, California. A driver left me in the middle of the road.As the man drove away, desperate people ran. hierarchy After its owner.

A dog owner abandoned his four-legged friend in America. Now, animal lovers are looking for a new home for this little villain. (symbolic image) ©

Coincidentally, a food delivery person was also on the scene at the time. He noticed someone in the Lexus in front of him push the dog out of the car, NBC Los Angeles reported. The man immediately grabbed his cell phone and filmed what happened next.

You can see the Lexus driving away. The delivery guy stayed with him and kept the camera rolling.

The depressed four-legged friend gave chase, desperately trying to jump into the car. Eventually, the driver of the SUV drove off, leaving the dog behind.

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“The owner is literally abandoning him… Look! Oh my god,” a voice can be heard saying in the video. “Poor dog. He was just left behind.”

The video eventually leaked onto the internet. Destiny Gomez saw it there, too. The 24-year-old is a big dog lover and helps re-home homeless animals. She said watching her recording broke her heart. She said, “I couldn’t stop crying. I couldn’t get the dog out of my mind.”

Then came the turnaround!

The young woman shared the clip to her Instagram account and dog lover network to help find the animal. And sure enough, they found the dog within hours. Witnesses reported the exact location where they saw their four-legged friend.

Gomez asked her boyfriend to go and she went there too. They both managed to calm down and feed this cute rogue. They named him Chico and have already managed to find a “foster home” for him.

But Gomez is still looking for a permanent home for the dog.

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