July 12, 2024

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Greetings from dogs can be especially warm. But not when your four-legged friend is offended, like the Shiba Inu Kuma, a dog breed known for its confident nature.

For most dog owners, nothing makes them happier than the warm welcome of their loyal four-legged friend when they return home from a day out. A dog’s pure joy and unconditional love will warm your heart.Also Instagram– User Alicia looked forward to a warm welcome from her loyal friend when she picked up her dog from the boarding facility four days later. However, the reunion turned out differently than expected.

Video showing how Shiba Inu always ignores its owner

A Shiba Inu resting its head on the wall.  (symbol image)
The Shiba Inu is an intelligent dog with a strong sense of independence and a strong personality. (symbolic image) © Dreamstime/Imago

under Instagram-account eat seattle Alicia shared a video of her 7-month-old Shiba Inu, Kuma, showing her unexpected reaction. This video, which can be viewed here, has already been viewed 94,000 times. It shows that the bear consistently ignores attempts to contact its owner. The four-legged friend seemed to offend her and didn’t give her the happy greeting scene her owner was hoping for. This dog seems upset and irritated by the arrival of a new puppy.

She expressed how surprised she was by the dog’s reaction. newsweek: “We were in Los Angeles, and it was her first time staying in a dog hotel. I didn’t expect that reaction.” This comment shows that dogs can actually hold grudges just like humans. This raises the question of whether it is possible. Science says no, but emphasizes dogs’ ability to retain memory. However, please be careful. In Germany, if you put your dog in the back seat of your car on a leash, as Alicia does with the bear in the video, you risk a fine. Drivers must secure the animal in the vehicle using either a dog seat belt, carrier, or dog seat. Dogs cannot sit in the passenger seat, but must be properly secured in the back seat behind the front seat or in the trunk. Learn more about how to drive safely with your dog here.

Thanks to food, the waves will quickly flatten

Even though Bear didn’t know anything at first, it didn’t take long for him to get through his four-day stay. “As soon as I gave him dinner, he forgave me,” Alicia explained. Users share their experiences in the comments. One user reported that his Shiba Inu had a similar reaction, and another shared the story of a Jack Russell Terrier who was ignored for hours after staying at an animal shelter before being reunited. are doing.

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Shiba Inu: a dog breed with a special personality

Officially recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1992, the Shiba Inu may not be a breed known for its excessive affection, but it does show a deep devotion and loyalty to its owners. Japanese Furs are known for their loyalty and affection towards people, and their intelligence and fun-loving nature have made them popular as family dogs outside of Asia, especially in North America and Europe. “Shiba Inu” simply means “small dog” in German, but the name stands in contrast to the striking personality of this independent and independent breed.

Shiba Inu dogs need a strong leader who treats them with love and consistency and who sets clear boundaries. His lively personality and calmness and curiosity make him an attractive companion. Despite their friendly nature, they tend to dominate the people unless clear rules are set. Therefore, consistent education is essential. They also have alertness and specific hunting behavior.

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