May 20, 2024

He was stranded on the A1 in Ascheberg (NRW) and tied to the guardrail. The fate of dog Rudy has stunned animal lovers across the country. It is unclear how long the completely distraught Yorkshire terrier had to remain on the NRW motorway.

A kind driver eventually picked him up and took him to the Tierfreunde Rüdinghausen animal shelter. It became obvious right away. Rudy the dog was neglected for a long time (you can read how the zookeepers realized this here>>>). Currently, the NRW animal shelter is not the only one in charge of this case. Animal rights activists also announced a cash reward.

Dog abandoned in North Rhine-Westphalia’s A1: Peta offers reward

“We want to find out who cruelly left Rudy, a Yorkshire terrier, in poor health on a highway guardrail,” said PETA spokesperson Monique Mohr. He explains. “Those who treat living creatures irresponsibly should be punished before other animals are put at risk,” says an animal companion expert at an animal rights group.

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The Friends of the Animals of Lüdinghausen had already requested information about the dog’s previous owner. Anyone who knows Rudy or who witnessed the Yorkshire terrier stranded on the A1 in North Rhine-Westphalia should contact the animal shelter at 02598-9292532 or by email at Please contact.

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As further incentive, Peta is now even offering a reward of 500 euros for information leading to the eventual conviction of those responsible. Witnesses can also contact the animal rights organization directly by email at

it will intimidate the perpetrator

In this regard, Peta pointed out that Article 3 of the Animal Protection Act prohibits the abandonment of animals, and animal cruelty charges can be punishable by a fine or imprisonment for up to three years.

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“Animal protection laws also apply when owners do not raise and care for their animals in a species-appropriate manner or do not provide necessary assistance,” the animal rights group explains. If Rudy’s owner is found, it will be a big problem.

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