May 20, 2024

California (USA) – For many years they were one in heart and soul. But then death took his owner from him. Luckily, she left another dog with him. This allowed the animals to comfort each other for a while. However, things were to get even worse.

This poor dog was abandoned by his owner’s children after his owner passed away. © Facebook/Screenshot/Suzette Hall

Suzette Hall shared the dogs’ heartbreaking story on her Facebook account last Tuesday. An animal rights activist from California had a sad story to report there.

So these two four-legged friends were left in the frigid garden by their children after their owner passed away. One of them was chained there.

However, no one took care of the dog, so he ended up dying. Afterwards, his companions continued to struggle on the property of its deceased owner, which was becoming increasingly neglected.

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Luckily, a friend of Hall’s discovered the poor thing. hierarchy, fed first. But soon after, the women faced another problem.

The poor dog was very scared of his rescuers. Luckily they managed to capture him. © Facebook/Screenshot/Suzette Hall

Animal rights activists couldn’t simply enter the property to save their little furry friend. They first had to get permission from the deceased’s children.

It was right next to the hall. she wrote on Facebook. “He didn’t understand why he had been thrown away like garbage. He didn’t understand where his owners and even his best friends had gone. All he knew was that he was sad. That was all.”

Even after animal rights activists convinced children to get dogs, things didn’t necessarily get any easier. “He was scared of everything so he hid and jumped into the weeds. We had to set a trap,” Hall said on Facebook.

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It took quite a while before the dog finally sat in it. But then the women were finally able to take him in and prepare him for a better life.

Our brave furry friend will soon be given a new home.

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