May 18, 2024

“Aslan” is seriously ill and does not need to spend the rest of his life in an animal shelter. The rescue group hopes to find a new owner for the dog through the appeal.

The Essen animal shelter is once again in the spotlight with a touching Facebook post. This time we’re talking about Aslan, an old dog who shouldn’t spend his old age in an animal shelter. “Aslan is a very kind and frugal old man who is looking for a comfortable and relaxing home,” begins the charm of this nursing home.

Dogs started out like many other animals kept in homes today. However, in Aslan’s case, there is a reason why he must be removed from the animal shelter immediately. Because the animal is seriously ill. “He has a severe heart defect and the stress at the animal shelter is taking a toll on him, so time is running out,” the animal shelter said. It’s unclear how much time he has left.

Despite this, Aslan is a good companion in everyday life. “You can go for a relaxing walk with him and then lie down comfortably on the sofa.” The animal’s new home should also be relaxed accordingly. “The existing dog should also be older, because if he’s too young he’ll be under a lot of stress. Unfortunately, I can’t say whether he knows cats or not, but older is good enough. “The animal shelter said:

A nursing home in Essen now hopes to use the call to find a kind of “hospice place” for sick roommates. If you are interested, please contact the animal shelter by email ( or phone (0201/8372350).

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