May 20, 2024

Great emotions at the Essen animal shelter. In fact, the animal keepers just made a modest request on Facebook.

They had no idea what would happen soon after. First, the Essen Animal Shelter received an emotional email. A little later there were even tears of farewell.

Animal shelter Essen: heart-warming posts

The Essen Animal Shelter launched its appeal on April 10th. The employees introduced their dog, Harry. Harry is hungry, but he is forced to be picky. Because he can’t stand grain. He prefers eating wet food. Problem: “The feed storage area is almost empty.”

The animal shelter can’t resist a slight allusion to the cult series “Derrick” in regards to the name Harry, “So, drive your car forward,” the director tells assistant Harry Klein (Fritz Wepper). The call was made at the request of. ).

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Animal lovers went wild after seeing this cute four-legged friend. Many people announced that they would soon bring food.

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A few days later, Essen Animal Shelter received a letter with a donation. “We hope we can help you with your hunger for a few days,” it read (reported>>>) to the dog’s address.

Zookeepers were completely overwhelmed

As a result, Harry is in a much better mood, the animal shelter said, adding: “If he gets the chance to have his own couch, he’ll really grin.” Men were actually supposed to fall in love with Harry after his food appeal made headlines.

The zookeepers couldn’t believe their good fortune and cried tears of joy as they said goodbye to their friend and picked up the derrick ball again. “Goodbye, Harry, the car has stopped.”

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