May 21, 2024

“King Arthur” is certainly not a classic children’s movie, but still, if you like going on adventures together, are active, and love animals, this is just the movie for you and your kids. is. The new film starring Mark Wahlberg is about extreme sports under extreme conditions, the unconditional will to win, and friendship with a dog. According to a true story.

“King Arthur” will be released in German cinemas from April 24, 2024.

What movie?

Michael is a professional adventure racer determined to win the Adventure Racing World Championship in the Dominican Republic. This is the last chance for him and his team to win the title. Arthur is a stray dog ​​in Santo Domingo, and his life is an adventure to survive every day. As Michael adventures races through the island’s jungle with his team, Arthur always seems to be one step ahead of the team. What does this urban stray dog ​​want in the wild? It seems like he wants to save his life, but which one? Him or Michael Wright’s competitive team?

Our review of the movie

Not everyone is into sports movies, so this movie is certainly a matter of taste. But this story was very inspiring and I was so excited for the athlete and the dog. Actually, after seeing the story, I didn’t really want to watch the movie until then, but after that I thought it was really great. That’s why I give it full marks.


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What age is this movie suitable for?

This movie has an age restriction of 6 years (FSK), which I actually think is appropriate. But still, not all kids are into this movie. Although this is a story about dogs and their friendship, the majority of the film revolves around an adult man’s personal life goals and tough sporting competitions. Not all children are interested in it.

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action and lots of emotion

This time, I (unfortunately) watched this movie without my children. Before the press screening, it wasn’t entirely clear whether the rating would be 6 or 12, so I wouldn’t take my 8-year-old. I’ve seen movies I’ve never seen before when the age restriction was still unknown.

After the movie, I was really sad that I wasn’t there because my kids would have loved the movie. The first third of the film is almost exclusively about Michael, his hesitation about a quiet family life, and the big action in a dangerous adventure race, not very interesting for children, but a really exciting jungle The lace part is of course something that intrigues him. I’m sure he would have loved Arthur the dog. But I must say that my child is also very sporty and adventurous and interested in such things. I know kids who get more bored by these topics.

King Arthur definitely kept me hooked into the movie, made me want to play more action sports, and shed a tear or two by the end. What more could you want from a movie – except maybe Mark Wahlberg doesn’t have that awful shaggy beard, at least it looks good in a dog’s shaggy fur.

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For fans of…

Stars of King Arthur

  • Mark Wahlberg plays Michael Wright
  • Simu Liu is Mark’s teammate Leo (you may know him from the Barbie movies)
  • Nathalie Emmanuel (also seen in Game of Thrones and Loki & the Fast and the Furious) plays team member Olivia (
  • The third team member, Tic, is played by Ali Slimane.
  • Inu Ukai plays Inu Arthur

Interesting information The movie “King Arthur” starring Mark Wahlberg is based on the true story of the friendship between an extreme athlete and a stray dog. However, the adventure racer’s real name is Mikael Lindnord, and he is not from America as in the movie, but from Sweden. And what he encountered was not an adventure race in the Dominican Republic, but an adventure race in Ecuador. If you want to know more about the original story, you can read it in Mikael Lindnord’s book.

Arthur: The dog who crossed the jungle and found a homeArthur: The dog who crossed the jungle and found a home

Arthur: The dog who crossed the jungle and found a home

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