July 12, 2024

Now she can also sing. On her ProSieben show “The Masked Singer”, she showed off a side of herself that was previously unknown to her presenter Nathan Ecks. Although the 47-year-old is currently leaving her music show, she has previously proven that she can sing very well. An ability of hers that she has not shown in public before.

When “The Masked Singer” ended, Mr. X himself said, “I had no idea if I could sing or not.” But for years, she had wanted to be part of a show in which celebrities perform hidden songs beneath elaborate masquerades. It was actually her first time singing on stage.

Vanessa Mai dressed up as ``Mystery'' and sang ``Texas Hold'em'' by American singer Beyoncé.  - © Julia Feldhagen/ProSieben/dpa

Vanessa Mai, dressed as “Mystery”, sang “Texas Hold’em” by American singer Beyoncé. – © Julia Feldhagen/ProSieben/dpa

Overall, the conclusions were positive. “It’s incredibly fun,” Ecks said. However, the conditions are not easy. “It was 100 degrees in this outfit and I smelled like old sneakers. And sometimes soup would run down my throat.”

Audience voice is too low

X wore the costume of a so-called robodog, a multifunctional superhero dog with all kinds of fur. There, she had to unmask her futuristic four-legged friend, who some may recall from the children’s series “Paw Patrol,” due to too few votes from her audience.

What was especially surprising was the level that Nathan X achieved singing as

What was especially surprising was the level that Nathan X achieved singing as “Robodog.” – © Thomas Banneyer/dpa

The Cologne native became known primarily through various programs at RTL, a competitor of ProSieben. Among other things, she presented there the dance show “Let’s Dance” and the casting format “German Superstars”. She also appeared in front of the camera in “Explosiv – Das Magazin” over the years. After working as a presenter, she proved that she has even more hidden talent when she was once again hired as a candidate for “Let’s Dance” and she danced She knew how to make an impression on the floor. In 2022 she announced that her exclusive collaboration with RTL will end.

The guessing team discovered X.

Nazan Eckes became famous primarily through various RTL programs.  - © David Young/dpa

Nazan Eckes became famous primarily through various RTL programs. – © David Young/dpa

The studio’s advisory team already knew about him before X was exposed. The women of Cologne were unanimously suspected of being under fur costumes. Other speculations such as Laura Wontra and Janine Ullman were also quickly dismissed. The reason is that there are many suitable indications. Host Vivian Goeppert, who was allowed to be a puzzled guest, summed it up: “Everything fits together way too well.”

In particular, in connection with RoboDog, we saw building blocks whose shape and color were reminiscent of the former music channel Viva. X started his career there. ProSieben also introduced weather forecasters. It also marked X’s career ladder. She once introduced weather on RTL.

The presenter became the fourth celebrity to be removed from the show. So far, she has met entertainer Hugo Egon Balder (dressed as a potato), actress Ussi Glass (dressed as a baby lion), and singer Annette Louisan (dressed as cotton candy). Sometimes. In “The Masked Singer,” celebrities appear as singers, but hide their true identities behind large costumes. Only her voice and her cryptic clues can tell who is on stage. They are usually exposed if they get too few votes from the audience or if they end up making it to the finals. The 10th season is currently underway.

Flip flops, alligators, and Vanessa Mai

Currently, there are two flip-flops running: Ergonia, a crocodile that heralds the arrival of spring, and a flea riding a snail. We already have hot tips about all of them. Will No Angels singer Nadja Benaissa be the first to usher in spring? Is Sebastian Krumbiegel the crocodile from the Die Prinzen group? Is the flea the comedian Mirja Bos? And are The Flip Flops the Lochman twins (Lokis)? You’ll find out soon.

What’s innovative this season is the mask “mystery” that is revealed every week outside of regular matches, and there’s always a different star under that mask. This time, it was pop singer Vanessa Mai who took advantage of her short appearance to interpret American singer Beyoncé’s (42) casual country song “Texas Hold’em.” MC Matthias Opdenhobel (53) expressed his gratitude, saying, “No one has ever danced as beautifully as you in a mysterious costume.”

It was discovered that Mai was also in the studio despite her costume. The host, Parina Rozinski, 39, entered the correct name for the guessing team. After thinking for a moment, she realized that her evidence was keeping her on the right track in this case as well. Her one clue was that the clouds were crossed out. He pointed to Wolkenfly, the hit band with which Mai once broke out.

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