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St. Bernard Luffy is a real giant baby weighing 85 kg. It is logical that such a dog of XXL size does not leave small piles. His owner found what he thought was a bargain on the internet. It’s a grabber that you can use to pick up dog poop. Martin Rütter has found a clear word to describe his product.

85 kg of peace of mind: Saint Bernard Luffy. The 3-year-old XXL dog lives in Lingen with his family Mary Jo and Philip Strahl. The couple spontaneously decided to get a giant breed dog. “We saw ‘A Dog Named Beethoven’ on Christmas Eve and it was love at first sight,” said his owner Mary Jo. “He’s our baby.”

‘Dog expert’ Martin Rütter knows that most people think of St. Bernards as ‘giant babies’, but he still warns against being too careless. “St. Bernards are often underestimated. They’re actually quite comfortable just lying around.” But he can judge very well: who belongs here and who doesn’t?

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St. Bernard Luffy’s hooded bathrobe

As the husband’s hairdresser, his mistress, Mary Jo, is always keeping an eye on the dog, and when her husband comes home from a walk with Luffy, she says, “He looks like a pig, let’s give him a bath!” . Martin Rütter can only laugh. He doesn’t understand the need at all. “If this is the reason for bathing, then we would have to bathe Emma three times a day,” the dog trainer said, alluding to his dog. Apparently he likes digging. However, Mary Jo runs her health program for Luffy. If she is a dog with a shoulder height of 96 cm and a weight of over 80 kg, she may take 30 minutes to bathe.

“Very important: always use dog shampoo,” advises Martin Rütter. Because our four-legged friends’ skin has completely different needs than human skin. “I put some conditioner under my belly,” Mary Jo says, completely genuine. After that, your Saint Bernard’s coat will be easier to brush. “He likes things to be neat,” Luffy’s owner confirms. Martin Rütter thinks it’s a superstition. “He doesn’t care,” he says with a laugh. However, this “dog expert” thinks it’s a great idea for owners to sew bathrobes for their XXL dogs themselves using terry cloth towels. Phillip says happily about Luffy’s new hooded bathrobe: “The dog is wrapped up nicely. It worked out really well.”

Dog poop gadget test completely fails

However, Master Philip is still searching for other dog accessories on the Internet. Luffy always tears plastic pigs apart after a few days, so you need an unbreakable toy for your St. Bernard. While bacon-flavored chewing rings enter shopping carts (Martin Rütter: “Basically, I’m completely skeptical of all flavored game products. They can only be artificially flavored. ”), Philip realized another very important thing. Special tool: Claws to pick up poop. Grippers are intended to avoid direct skin contact with animal remains. But Mary Jo wonders if the regular size will be enough for St. Her Bernard’s large business.

A few days later, Luffy’s friends take a practical test in the garden, but the result is a huge failure. Martin Rütter had already rejected the test. “There’s no need to try it because it’s big,” the dog trainer said. He saw a dog, but it was clearly too small a product. Even his owner, Phillip, now has serious doubts about buying online. “If you look at the gripper and then look at the dog…I don’t think it’s going to work,” he says. Mary Jo found the words clearer: “That’s the end–!”

Martin Rütter agrees. “I don’t understand anything about the product at all.” Philip tries to grab Luffy’s relatively small pile with his claws, but soon everything slips out again. Mrs. Mary Joe makes a choking noise and just looking at it makes her sick. “Now he has to mess around with his hands,” Martin Rütter says with a laugh as he watches Philipp attempt to force the stake into the gripper. Unsurprisingly, the dog expert’s conclusions were shocking. “What a crappy product! I don’t think the manufacturers will be able to feed it to the next generation of children,” he says, rolling his eyes.

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