May 27, 2024

Gernhausen/Erlensee. How heartless can you be? In Erlensee, an unknown owner left a young dog tied to a bridge. The dog is safe, but the search for the owner is still ongoing.

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The completely frightened dog was found on the Kinzigbrücke on Brückenstraße on the outskirts of the Erlensee district of Lykingen. Gelnhausen Animal Center reports that the four-legged friend is a Havanese mix that is about 1 year old.

Gelnhausen: Heartless animal owner ties dog to bridge – animal center seeks information

A small white dog was chained to a bridge and left behind. The male dog was healthy but very scared when he was found. He was wearing a green camouflage collar and was tied to the bridge railing with a red flexi-leash.

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It is unclear how long the dog had to remain on the bridge. “The place where it was found is difficult to see.” “That’s why we really can’t say anything,” emphasizes the animal center in Gelnhausen. The dog has now found a new temporary home there. He is now safe and can arrive first.

Abandoned dog in Ehrensee: Gernhäuser Animal Center saves Fridolin

Anyone who recognizes the dog or witnesses the abandoned male should call the Gelnhausen Animal Center on 06051/916650.

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