May 20, 2024

Sao Paulo – Brazil’s João Fantazzini was shocked.Get used to it dog Golden retriever Joka died due to airline error.

For Joan Fantazzini, his golden retriever Gioka was everything to him. ©Screenshot/Instagram/jocagoldenr

João and Joca were actually planning to go to Sinop inland from Sao Paulo on Monday. He had booked a ticket on the low-cost airline Gol Linhas Aéreas. The golden retriever was to fly in a transport box in the hold of the ship while its owner guided the flight from the passenger seat.

However, the 5-year-old dog never reached his destination. Joka was accidentally transferred to the wrong location. He flew to Fortaleza. When the mistake was discovered, the golden retriever was to be returned to the airport of departure. João also returned to São Paulo.

So he took the shipping box home with his dog. The Brazilian player was shocked. Joka was dead in the box!

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The dog’s owner shared the terrifying moment on Instagram. In the heartbreaking video, he strokes a dead pet through the screen door of a transport cage.


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When Joan Fantazzini reunited with her dog at the airport, Gioca was already dead. © Screenshot/Instagram/jfantazzini

Initial tests showed that Mr. Djoka died of cardiac arrest. It is unclear whether this was because the dog spent more than eight hours on multiple planes instead of two as planned. Veterinarians are said to have previously given permission for only two-hour flights.

So Joan made a harsh accusation against the airline. “My love, you were murdered,” he posted on Instagram.

This incident is causing ripples in Brazil. Thousands of people are demanding justice for Joca under the hashtag #justiçapelojoca. Many dog ​​owners brought their animals to protest at the airport.

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Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (78) also expressed his condolences and wore a necktie with a dog motif.

The responsible civil aviation authority is investigating the incident. In response to this, Gol temporarily stopped transporting pets in the cargo hold. The airline now allows dogs on board.

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