May 27, 2024

– A special kind of wildlife accident: a car collided with a wolf on the A9 near Glading on Friday night. No adult animals survived the encounter.

A rare encounter with a fatal outcome: a driver hit and killed a wolf on the A9 motorway late on Friday night (April 26). This was announced by the Feucht traffic police.

A large animal crossed the highway and was hit by the car of a 56-year-old man from Upper Franconia, who was driving towards Munich, just before the rest stop in Grading West. When a police patrol arrived, they discovered that the animal was not a dog as first suspected, but an adult wolf.

Fortunately, the driver of the car was unharmed in the collision, but the wolf died. Police said there was extensive damage to the front of the vehicle, which they estimate to be worth €2,500. The dead wolf was turned over to the state Department of Environment for evaluation.

It was at the end of January that a hunter spotted the wolf in the forest between Roth and Wendelstein. Shortly after, the first calf in the area in nearly 200 years was killed, possibly by a wolf.

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