May 21, 2024

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A new dog guide by dog ​​expert Daniel Jolles was published on April 24th. In an interview with IPPEN.MEDIA, he answered questions from his Facebook users.

Readers can ask dog trainer Daniel Jolles questions on Facebook. He answered them in an interview with a surprising twist.

Questions for dog trainer Daniel Jolles: What Facebook users wanted to know

Daniel Jores and his dog.
According to Daniel Jolles, successful training methods are about the relationship between man and dog. In the ‘Species Appropriate Dog Training’ guide, dog trainers explain how dog owners can form relationships with their four-legged friends and ‘ensure a harmonious and happy coexistence for both humans and dogs. We offer tips and assistance on how to make it possible. ©Dana Timel/Dog University

Mr. Jores, what do you think about dog licenses?

Personally, I support the introduction of a national dog license that would allow dog owners to demonstrate a minimum qualification. At least basic expertise should be acquired and verified here. Just like when driving a car. Before you can get in your car and hit the road, you must first obtain a driver’s license. I think it’s best to prepare the theoretical part before you buy a dog, and a little practical part after you buy the dog. If humans avoid certain training mistakes, problems can often be avoided, ultimately benefiting both the dog and its owner.’s new WhatsApp channel is here!

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What do you think about banning pug breeding?

I support a ban on the breeding of all dogs that have been intentionally bred to the point where their health is severely compromised. In my opinion, dogs who are no longer able to breathe, see, or run are suffering. Such physical defects should be avoided as they lead to a reduced quality of life. In general, this does not only apply to the Pug breed and should not be viewed too widely. Backbleeding also seems to make sense to me. For example, if you want to breed a pug, which requires a snout length of at least 5 centimeters, a certain minimum size of the skull and free movement of the limbs, then there is nothing wrong with that. Through targeted breeding like this, breeds can be made healthy again and some breeds can even be saved.

“If you can’t train a dog yourself, you should get a budgie.” How would you respond to this reader, Joles?

Owning a budgie and a dog cannot be compared. The bird is probably in a cage and only fed. Dogs usually accompany people everywhere for over 10 years. If you love living with dogs and really want it, there are many opportunities to learn and build skills so that training can be effective too. However, in that case you should seek professional help and start with a fairly “simple” dog.

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What do you do with a fearful dog who has been living in an animal shelter for the first two years of his life?

Unfortunately, this question can hardly be answered generally. I know fearful dogs in animal shelters who lost their fear within a few weeks, and others who have struggled with fear for a long time. You should always be calm, patient, and prepared to deal with your dog’s fears. On the other hand, such dogs should not be completely wrapped in cotton wool. Because the only way out of fear is through fear. In other words, dogs must face their fear in order to lose it. Sometimes things like this don’t look good and arouse pity, but there’s no other way. On the other hand, don’t overwhelm your dog too quickly. You need to plan your training in a way that challenges your dog but doesn’t completely overwhelm him.

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