May 21, 2024

For this reason, Security Office refers to the regulations of the regulatory authority regarding the maintenance of public safety and order in the area of ​​the city of Lower Kassel. Contamination caused by dogs in public transport areas and public facilities must then be removed immediately without being damaged by dog ​​walkers. Anyone walking a dog must carry a dog waste bag or another suitable container to contain and transport a sufficient amount of dog waste. Dog waste disposal machines are installed throughout Lower Kassel, and bags can be removed free of charge. Bag dispensers will be refilled regularly by city staff. You can also receive your luggage at the reception desk at City Hall.

Mandatory dog ​​leashes and tax stamps: Lower Kassel city strengthens management

In this connection, we also point out that dogs must be kept on a leash. As a general rule, all dogs, regardless of breed, must be kept on a lead when in public transportation areas or public facilities. Exceptions to the lead requirement are provided in Article 5, Section 4 of the Regulatory Ordinance.

In addition, according to dog tax regulations, dogs must wear a visibly attached valid dog tax tag when outside an apartment or fenced premises. While this acts as proof of tax payment, a dog tax stamp can be used to identify a lost dog.

Compliance with these regulations is monitored by the City Security Office (KOD) of the city of Lowerkassel. Inspections will intensify over the coming months, particularly regarding compliance with tax obligations. Violations will result in a warning or fine as part of the administrative criminal procedure.

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