May 27, 2024

Nathan Ecks stepped out of his so-called robodog costume Saturday evening.

Now I can sing. He is a popular host and has multiple talents. nathan x This was revealed on the music program “The Masked Singer”.

The 47-year-old stepped out of his so-called robodog costume on Saturday evening. It was some kind of futuristic superhero dog with all kinds of fur. Mr.

Nathan X: I had no idea if I could sing.

“It’s incredibly fun,” she reported of participating in the ProSieben show. However, the conditions are not simple. “It’s like 100 degrees in this costume, and it smells like old sneakers, and sometimes soup runs down my face.”

What was particularly surprising was the level that X achieved with her singing during the show. Because she had never appeared in public before. Apparently she didn’t have confidence in herself either. “She had no idea if she could sing or not,” she admitted. In fact, it was her first time singing on stage.

The Cologne native rose to prominence primarily through various programs at RTL, a competitor of ProSieben. Among other things, she presented there the dance show “Let’s Dance” and the casting format “Deutschland Sucht den Superstar”. She also appeared in front of the camera in “Explosiv – Das Magazin” over the years. After working as a presenter, she proved that she has even more hidden talent when she was once again hired as a candidate for “Let’s Dance” and she danced She knew how to make an impression on the floor.

Pop singer Vanessa Mai made a brief appearance at the beginning of the show. On Saturday evening, the 31-year-old secretly took off “The Mystery” mask, which gives a unique look to the new star in each episode. However, Mai’s acting was markedly different from her previous roles, with very elegant movements. MC Matthias Opdenhobel (53) expressed his gratitude, saying, “No one has ever danced as beautifully as you in a mysterious costume.” Mai passionately sang “Texas Hold’em,” a casual country song by American singer Beyoncé (42).

But the studio’s advisory team understood Mai. Host Parina Rozinski, 39, entered her correct name. She thought for a moment and then a hint led her in the right direction. Among other things, I could see her crossed out cloud. This is a reference to Volkenfrei, a hit band that Mai once broke out with.

In “The Masked Singer,” celebrities appear as singers, but their true identities are hidden behind large costumes. Only her voice and mysterious clues can tell who is on stage. They are usually exposed if they get too few votes from the audience or if they end up making it to the finals. The 10th season is currently underway.

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