May 20, 2024

Animal shelter resident looking for home

Dog Ludwig, a standard poodle at the Berlin Animal Shelter

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Ludwig the Dog is an adorable Standard Poodle looking for a new home.

Europe’s largest animal shelter is located in Berlin and cares for around 1,300 animals in addition to dogs and cats, as well as birds, small animals and livestock. But a real home can’t replace it. But maybe there’s a free spot for Ludwig the dog, for example?

April 27, 2024 – 1:00 p.m.

It is a sad fact that too many animals are left abandoned and neglected every day. How wonderful that they can find temporary homes in the many animal shelters where they can be cared for and recover. That is wonderful!

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But that doesn’t work in the long run. “It’s an animal shelter. [kann] Berlin’s animal shelter says it’s just a temporary solution for the animals, never a real home. Why not give more animals a chance and provide a loving environment? We regularly introduce one or more of her animals per week. : Ludwig the dog is looking for a new home.

Ludwig is a found animal. This beautiful and stately dog ​​is a Standard Poodle and is a very friendly companion. Because of this personality trait, the breed was very popular among the aristocracy, especially in France, in the 19th century, giving it the name “Royal Poodle.” Nice and friendly, that also applies to Ludwig. He is also very affectionate towards people and has a very intelligent personality. This male dog really enjoys working with his caregiver.

Although Ludwig is already old, he is still very active. He had already been adopted, but unfortunately he still needed a lot of training, so he ended up returning to the animal shelter after a while. His new family was clearly overwhelmed by it. Poodles are smart, so he likes to raid cupboards in the house. Therefore, child-safe locks are very important.

Dog Ludwig, a standard poodle at the Berlin Animal Shelter

Walking with Ludwig is very easy. You can walk quietly past other dogs. However, he does not like to share and is very jealous. The beautiful Standard Poodle has learned basic commands and can be easily motivated with food. And Ludwig is also very cautious. But games like throwing balls and sticks are out of the question for him. He has no limits. When it comes to food, he can be fiercely defensive at times.

For Ludwig, a home as active as experience would be great. His new people should give this giant dog lots of loving and consistent training. Regular grooming is also very important for this breed. Do not allow other animals or children to live with you. Due to his age, Ludwig suffers from spondylosis, that is, arthrosis of the vertebral joints. He will receive free treatment for the rest of his life at a veterinary clinic in Berlin. Ludwig is also given painkillers for this, but because of his illness, he should be allowed to live in a house on the ground floor or with an elevator.

operator number 24/810
animal species dog
sex masculine
date of birth Around June 2014 (about 10 years)
size Shoulder height approximately 65cm
weight here. 30kg
Since then, he has been at an animal shelter. July 6, 2023
suitable for Someone who has time to train a lot with him
not suitable for other animals and children in the household

Those who adopt Ludwig won’t regret it, animal shelter staff are confident. Do you want to give him a home? Is there a suitable environment? Then contact the animal caretaker of the Struppi-Haus at 030/76888-156 or send an email to: [email protected].

Besides Ludwig, there are many other animals waiting to be safely settled – and more every day. You can find out more about our animal inhabitants at There’s also information about animal shelters, including ways to donate or volunteer.

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