May 18, 2024

Kristi Noem wants to show her willingness to make decisions. She told why the Republican, who was considered President Trump’s running mate, shot her dog.

Kristi Noem, the Republican governor of the US state of South Dakota, has written a book about how she shot and killed her beloved dog, Cricket, which is causing a stir. Britain’s Guardian newspaper reported on relevant excerpts from the unpublished work. In it, Noem explains that she actually wanted to train Cricket for pheasant hunting. My 14 month old dog was so impulsive that I got scared and stopped playing the game. Then she “like a trained assassin” tore up chickens on her family’s property in her neighborhood and bit them at Noem. She then shot the animal in a gravel pit.

The report says Noem hopes to use anecdotes from the book, which will be published in the U.S. next month, to highlight her willingness to do “difficult, messy, ugly” things as a politician when necessary. That’s what it means. Shortly after, she did something similar to an “evil and vile” goat that constantly chased her children.


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Horror was expressed on social networks. “Congratulations South Dakota, you elected a sociopath who hates dogs,” wrote an X platform user. He also faced harsh criticism from his political opponents.

“The governor of South Dakota claimed that her GWPs are bad dogs. That’s nonsense. All that matters about pointers like this is give them exercise and expose them to birds. That’s it. But… They need to do that pretty much every day or they’ll go crazy,” Ryan Busse, a Democratic candidate for governor of Montana and a dog owner himself, wrote on Platform X.

James Sulowiecki, an American writer who writes for magazines such as The New Yorker, said, “If you read Noem’s story, you will see that this was not a well-considered decision to shoot a dangerous dog. This is what he said.” He got out of control and decided the dog was bothering him so he shot him. ”

Noem defends ‘difficult decision’

Noem is considered a potential running mate, or vice presidential candidate, for former Republican President Donald Trump in this year’s presidential campaign. The 52-year-old sparked controversy in a TV interview after abortion rights were abolished in the United States. When asked if underage rape victims had to give birth to children, she answered, “Every life is precious.” She added: “I don’t think a tragic situation should be perpetuated by another tragedy.”

After the Guardian article was published, Noem defended herself on Platform X (formerly Twitter). “We love animals, but on the farm we have to make difficult decisions like this over and over again,” she wrote. “Unfortunately, a few weeks ago we also had to kill three horses that had been with her family for 25 years.”

In response, the Democratic National Committee (DNC), the Democratic Party’s leadership, issued a statement under the name of the “dogmatist party.” Their message is: “If you want to elect politicians who won’t brag about how they slaughtered their pets as part of a book trip, listen to their owners. Vote Democrat.”

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