May 27, 2024

This multi-part set from LEGO Creator is perfect for dogs and LEGO fans. The popular Kemono Friends set can also be purchased on Amazon.

Simply Best Friends: Dogs and People

What do you say? Are you dog man’s best friend? This is certainly true for many of us. Adorable four-legged furry friends are faithful companions in everyday life and always make you smile. Even in the form of a Lego toy, it’s just adorable. You can currently find popular token maker dog 3-in-1 sets on places like Amazon.

lego creator 31137 dog set

The LEGO Creator 31137 3-in-1 dog set consists of several cute LEGO dog figures, each with small accessories such as a ball and food bowl. In one operation he can build 3 dogs at the same time. For example, hunting dog breeds include the Poodle, Beagle, Labrador, and his Retriever. Amazon is currently offering this his LEGO Creator set at a discounted price. Check out OTTO and LEGO Online Shop to compare prices.

LEGO 31137 Creator 3-in-1 Funde SetLEGO 31137 Creator 3-in-1 Funde Set

LEGO 31137 Creator 3-in-1 Funde Set

Suggested retail price €29.99

The price may be higher now. Price as of April 27, 2024, 9:46am

Dogs of all shapes and sizes are truly adorable. Did you know that depending on your zodiac sign, certain dog breeds are best suited for you? You can learn more about this in the following video by our colleagues at

This dog breed matches your zodiac sign

This dog breed matches your zodiac sign

A variety of fun Lego sets

If you wish, you can quickly transform the building blocks into four other dog breeds, such as pugs and huskies, thanks to the instructions. Overall, the construction tokens included in the LEGO Creator 31137 Dogs set are suitable for 7 types of dogs and their toys. You can move your dog’s legs, feet, tail, and ears for even more fun. You can also set your dog into different poses. Either way, previous buyers are enthusiastic, as evidenced by its 4.8 out of 5 star rating on Amazon.

With the LEGO Creator 31137 Dog 3-in-1 set, you can choose from seven different dog breeds and build three at the same time. Dog accessories are fun, but it’s also a lot of fun just making figures by combining Lego blocks. For dog and Lego fans, this set is perfect for you. By the way, Amazon also has some cool gadgets and toys for real dogs.

Real dog lovers can recognize these breeds from just one photo

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