May 18, 2024

Weinbach-Bressenbach- inside Central Hesse Yesterday, Friday, a dog attacked a bicycle rider in the Weinbach area. Police are currently searching for the owner who acted irresponsibly.

Police are looking for the animal’s owner after a cyclist was attacked by a dog near Bressenbach (Limburg-Weilburg district). (Symbolic photo) © 123RF/elfenika

According to a police report, the 25-year-old Weinbach resident was initially riding her bicycle from Weilmünster to Elkerhausen.

A woman on a bicycle approached a pedestrian with a dog near Bressenbach and slowed down in response to let the two pass.

But instead of the normal overtaking process, at that moment the off-leash dog attacked the 25-year-old man and bit him twice in the leg.

police report
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As if this wasn’t bad enough, the dog’s owner insulted her instead of helping the injured bicyclist. She also blamed the injured for the dog attack.

The cyclist clearly could not count on help from the dog’s owner, so he continued cycling despite his injuries and sought medical treatment himself.

The incident was later reported to police, who are now searching for the four-legged friend’s owner. The woman is believed to be over 60 years old and was wearing casual clothes at the time of the incident. It was also noticeable that she carried her cane.

According to the description, your dog is about knee height and has long black fur. Probably a hybrid.

Any witness If you are an animal owner or a whistleblower who can provide information about the dog in question, please call us immediately. 06471/93860 Contact the Weilburg Police Department.

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