May 18, 2024

Kingston (Jamaica) – “Guys, let me tell you this: I was not prepared for what I was about to see,” X user Demi tweeted on Tuesday. She was previously searching for her dog Han Solo in her hometown of Kingston, Jamaica. A GPS collar should have made it easy to find him, but the male dog went missing for several hours. However, the owner could not find him. Demi was surprised when she finally saw her own dog from a distance.

Male Han Solo suddenly disappeared. Despite the GPS tracking device, Mrs. Demi searched for him for hours. © Image montage: X/Screenshot/@dammitdemi

This isn’t the first time Han Solo has gone on the run, and it probably won’t be the last. Demi equipped her four-legged friend with his GPS tracker a while back, and for good reason.

But what was new for Jamaicans last Tuesday was that Han Solo didn’t show up after hours. Because of this, she started looking.

Along the way, Demi posted numerous tweets with photos and videos. Unfortunately, her tracking app wasn’t updated in a while, making tracking her pet even more difficult.

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Finally, the young woman threw in the towel and called Han Solo’s vet for help. Fortunately, it was at this moment that the tide turned.


Owner Demi documents the search for dog Han Solo with X

Male Han Solo had a great time with his canine friend. © X/Screenshot/@dammitdemi

“But I often hear barking while I’m on the phone so I guess I should at least check what’s going on over there…” Demi wrote in one of her many tweets. Stated.

Suddenly she saw six dogs near the golf course. Among them is Han Solo. She did not expect this sight at all – her four-legged friend found practically a group of dogs.

In further clips, the surprised furry friends reported how difficult it was to separate Han Solo from the “party”. But eventually the male dog sat obediently in the car again, ready to go home.

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Both dog and owner will remember this day soon.

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