May 20, 2024


Eating dog meat is a Korean tradition. Congress wants to ban sales starting in 2027.

In South Korea, the relationship with dogs is divided into two. While it was once common for dogs to have soup or other dishes made with dog meat on their plates, today they are an exception. Older men in particular are turning to restaurants that serve dog meat, even as the number of them is decreasing.

Proponents of dog meat argue that it is warming and part of Koranic culture. The majority of the public and Congress also have a different view. As a result, it has been decided that serving dog meat on plates will be prohibited from 2027. The industry will receive financial compensation to facilitate its exit.

Dog owner Cha Hee-jung welcomed the National Assembly decision, saying, “If dog eating is a culture that everyone can share and talk about in public, then I will definitely support this culture.” Deaf,” he said. But, “What kind of food do you like?” No one would answer, “I like dog meat.” ”

A woman stands on a wide staircase with her dog.


Cha Hee-jung and her dog Dodam.


Her dog Dodum comes from a dog meat farmer. Nevertheless, Cha supports agreed compensation for dog breeders because he understands the dog meat industry.

Animal rights activists call for change

Jeon Jin-ah from a South Korean animal protection organization wants to eliminate the consumption of dog meat as soon as possible. “We encourage breeders to close their operations as soon as possible and stop these breeders from continuing to sacrifice dogs.” The conditions for the dogs are terrible, Jung says.

A video taken by an animal rights activist shows the situation. Dogs used for meat production are often confined in narrow metal cages. Dogs only come out of their cages when they are slaughtered.

Meat sales decline

Dog meat is still sold in some markets, such as Moran Market in Seoul, but the number is decreasing. The meat seller, dog breeder and restaurant owner all declined to comment to SRF about the situation. Cameras are also prohibited.

In South Korea, dog meat is not on the official food list, so the sale and consumption of dog meat is a legal gray area. Previous attempts by the dog meat lobby to add dog meat to the list have failed.

social change

Korean society has changed. More and more people are keeping dogs as pets. This also applies to 30-year-old dog owner Lee Nuri. She knows her history of her own family raising dogs for meat.

Her grandmother had a dog that was kept in a cage, she recalls. When she visited her grandmother every year, one of her dogs was missing. When she was a child, she didn’t know that dogs were cooked. ”

A person crosses a city street with a dog on a leash.


Lee Nuri’s grandmother kept dogs for food. At 30 years old, I can’t imagine that happening anymore.


Now, Lee no longer eats dog meat. Now, more than 90 percent of Koreans say they don’t eat dog meat, so she’s part of that majority.

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