May 27, 2024

This marks the end of a long friendship with a dog. The two bitches Bonnie and Amuk lived together all their lives. And even when the two senior St. Bernards were housed at the Salzgitter animal shelter, they were an unbeatable team.

However, a momentous fate separated the two friends.

Salzgitter animal shelter: friendship with dog ends tragically

The two female St. Bernards came to Salzgitter two years ago. The master with whom two “gentle giants” previously lived has passed away. Now, animal rights activists from Salzgitter were looking for a new home for the two friends (News38 reported).

They should be taught together and close-knit dog teams should not be separated. But now fate has come and the two St. Bernard hearts are finally separated. Salzgitter Animal Shelter reported on Facebook that Bonnie suddenly started acting suspicious on Tuesday (April 23). Her stomach was distended and she was clearly feeling unwell.

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Without hesitation, animal rights activists immediately took Bonnie to the vet. Emergency surgery was supposed to save the dog’s life. Suspect: Stomach upset. “Everything looked good again. After serious treatment, she opened her eyes and her numbers seemed to be stable,” animal shelter officials wrote on Facebook. But it was only a fleeting ray of hope. Everything changed Wednesday night.

Animal shelter workers in Salzgitter say goodbye

Suddenly, Bonnie’s condition worsened. “The critical steps Bonnie had to go through after surgery were too much for her body,” the post reads. Furthermore, “Our faithful souls closed their eyes and opened them no more.”

Amuk and Bonnie were one in heart and soul. Now they were separated by fate. photograph: Salzgitter Animal Shelter

Now Amouk has to live his life alone. Her family is gone, and the souls that have been with her all her life are gone. In order to make St. Bernard’s remaining life as beautiful and fulfilling as possible, animal shelter staff continue to find him a loving home.

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So, if you have a place in your heart for Amouk, please contact Salzgitter Animal Shelter.

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