May 18, 2024

Now: April 27, 2024 5:09 PM

On Saturday morning, a jogger apparently sprayed pepper spray into the eyes of a dog on a leash at Nonnweiler Reservoir for no apparent reason. The owner also suffered minor injuries. Police are currently looking for witnesses who witnessed the incident.

A 24-year-old pedestrian and his dog were injured by pepper spray at Nonnweiler Reservoir Saturday morning. According to police, the woman was walking her dog on a leash when a jogger approached her. He called for the woman to pull her dog aside.

The woman then kept her dog on a short leash, but the dog also showed no interest in the jogger. Despite this, the man suddenly sprayed pepper spray into the dog’s eyes as it ran away. The dog’s owner also received the spray.

Dog with eye pain and owner

Afterwards, both dog and owner suffered from sore and irritated eyes and red skin. Police say the jogger just kept running. Police are currently looking for witnesses who can provide information regarding the incident. Please call us on 06871 90010.

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