May 18, 2024

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| 2024.04.28

Are even surveillance agencies not protected from destructive technology? American companies are offering remote-controlled fire-breathing four-legged friends for four-digit prices, but this is a deterrent. You can easily imagine it as a protector.

I woke up in the middle of the night to a noise coming from the garden. another! It’s a suspicious sound that sounds like someone is trying to force their way into your property. Your dog may also become more alert and anxious to get to the bottom of the problem for a long time, which can certainly have a deterrent effect. But do you really want to send your best friend into an uncertain and dangerous situation?

If all you need is a remote-controlled dog robot with a flamethrower for situations like this, we have good news for you. At least, as long as the home you want to protect is in the United States and not Maryland or California: Cleveland-based company Throwflame has added a so-called thermonator to its product lineup.

9 meters long fire stream

The companion weighs approximately 17 kg, moves on four legs, can jump, and uses lidar technology for optical distance measurement to deal with obstacles of appropriate size. Owners control the Thermonator via WiFi or Bluetooth using a handheld controller with a screen that shows the world through the robodog’s “eyes.”

As always, the undeniable unique selling point is the ARC flamethrower mounted on the mechanical animal’s back. Looking especially intimidating in the dark, the laser allows you to hit your target before pressing a button on the holder, which produces a beam of fire up to 30 feet (just over 9 meters) long.

Throwflame so far has a lineup of “regular” flamethrowers and fire-breathing drones, and promises up to an hour of runtime on its Thermonator battery. By the way, the company itself does not advertise its theoretical driving potential. She suggests instead using it for forest fire control, agricultural management, snow and ice removal, or simply for effective entertainment.

In the United States, the Thermonator is currently available to order and is permitted in 48 of the 50 states. However, in Maryland, laws generally do not specify a reason for using a flamethrower, while in California, only devices that produce a flame of 10 feet or less can be used without an additional permit. In this country, flamethrowers are subject to the Arms and Weapons of War Control Act. Therefore, we recommend that you do not attempt to import Thermonator.

For those interested in the US, the robot dog with flamethrower can be purchased for $9,420, but Throwflame will also offer quantity discounts upon request to support pack formation.

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