May 21, 2024


ukraine war‘Miracle’: Richard survives Russian airstrike on Ukraine

First nightly air alerts, then new missile attacks: Russia has again bombed energy facilities in Ukraine. There is damage.

  • Russia has fired a total of 34 missiles and cruise missiles toward Ukraine in the past few hours.

  • In the Kharkiv region, rescue workers were able to save a dog after an air bomb fell next to it.

  • Russia was also targeted by new attacks, including damage to oil processing company facilities.

Russia has attacked Ukraine with a new large-scale missile attack. The Kiev Air Force reported on Saturday morning that 21 out of 34 rockets and cruise missiles of various types had been shot down. The attacks are said to have taken place from the air, the Black Sea, and the ground. Energy company DTEK announced that a total of four thermal power plants were seriously damaged. People were also injured. The company says, “Necessary support will be provided.” Workers are currently working to repair the damage.

A national air warning had already been issued. According to Kiev’s Energy Ministry, the airstrikes mainly targeted energy facilities. Attacks were reported in Dnipropetrovsk, Lviv (formerly Lemberg) and Ivanofrankivsk regions. Two energy facilities in the Dnipropetrovsk region were damaged, authorities said.

Several explosions in Kharkov

Officials also reported several explosions again in the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkov, not far from the Russian border. Kharkiv has been repeatedly shelled. The hospital grounds were also reportedly hit by Russian shelling. The pressure wave caused damage to the building and some windows were broken. The patient was injured in bed. Authorities also released images of the damage.

Anton Gerashchenko shared a photo of the dog in X and wrote: “Richard the dog miraculously survived today’s Russian attack on Derkhachi in the Kharkov region.” An air bomb fell very close to him. “The animal did not want to eat or drink. Looking at his expression, it is clear what he thinks about these monsters,” said a spokesperson for the State Emergency Service in Kharkiv.

attack on russia

Russia, whose war of aggression against Ukraine for more than two years has brought death and destruction to its neighbor, is also being targeted again. Russian air defense officials announced that 66 Ukrainian drones were intercepted and destroyed in the Krasnodar region. Local authorities said the fire also damaged the facilities of an oil processing company in the area. There were no injuries. Another downing of two unmanned aircraft was reported in the Black Sea peninsula of Crimea, which was annexed by Russia in 2014. Initially, the information could not be confirmed.

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