May 27, 2024

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Drivers noticed a dog on the A1. Rudy was tied to a guardrail with a rope. He has several “construction sites”.

Lüdinghausen – Just leave your dog alone on the highway – the idea is unimaginable to many. And cruel. However, drivers heading to Bremen experienced such a scenario on the A1.Maria Eichel from the Animal Friends of Lüdinghausen in North Rhine-Westphalia tells the story in an interview. Wa DeOn the afternoon of Tuesday, April 23, an alert person spotted a male Yorkshire Terrier with a blue collar and leash attached to a guardrail on a highway in Ashberg.

Dog abandoned on highway in dilapidated condition – ‘tied to guardrail’

“There was no one there, so the finder called us,” Eichel explains. No one knows how long this little four-legged friend was tied up there. “The discoverer didn’t come out of the corner himself, so I thought, ‘This can’t be true,'” the animal rights activist added. Animal lovers set out to pick up an abandoned dog. He then moved to an orphanage. No four-legged friend was missing.

The dog, Rudy, was leashed to the guardrail of A1 and left alone.
The dog, Rudy, was leashed to the guardrail of A1 and left alone. © Animal Friends Lüdinghausen

The Yorkshire Terrier was taken to the vet the next day, April 24th. “Here he was given his first name to register, and they agreed on ‘Rudolph’ being called ‘Rudy’,” Eichel says. Upon examination, the veterinarian discovered that Rudy was approximately 10 years old and had been neutered. That’s not all. This dog must not have been well in the past because the vet noticed some “structural issues”.

Notably, Rudy only has a few teeth left. “These are loose and will need to be removed during surgery in early May,” Eichel explains. The ears are also dirty, the skin is in poor condition, and the four-legged friend has to be bathed every two days with special products. For this you need to treat your eyes.

Animal lovers from Lüdinghausen are looking for witnesses to the incident.

The animal rights activist speculated that “people probably kicked him out because there were a lot of construction sites.” But Rudy isn’t missing, so he can’t prove anything. “He could come from anywhere,” Eichel added. Animal lovers are now searching for witnesses to the motorway incident. Anyone who knows anything or has observed something should call 02598-9292532 or email All information will be treated as confidential.

Donation to Rudy and Luedinghausen’s animal friends

The costs of Rudy’s treatment are “very expensive and, unfortunately, beyond current financial possibilities,” the Rüdinghausen Friends of the Animals said. If you would like to donate something to the Humane Society and Rudy the dog, you can do so using the following link.

Animals are repeatedly abandoned. Recently, an abandoned kitten in Ham was rescued by police. Officials posted heartbreaking posts online. This is not the end of the story. In Unna, the cat Olivia was dumped in a sealed box along with a bowl of frozen cat milk.

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