May 27, 2024

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Bizkit, an American bulldog, appears to have been intentionally left at a dog hotel by his owner. Now who will provide him with a new home?

Limburg – If you are going on vacation and cannot take your dog with you, there are dog boarding facilities where you can stay and care for your dog for a few days. The same thing happened to Bizkit, an American bulldog given to Baldur Krantz’s dog hotel in Nickenich. However, the owner has not been seen since early February.

The 5-year-old male is currently looking for a new home, Limburg Animal Shelter, which is helping with the introduction, wrote on Facebook. In the conversation, Krantz explained how Bizkit’s owner kept delaying the pick-up date after staying for several days. The woman did not show up at the dog hotel in early February, as originally promised. When her owner asked, she apologized. She wasn’t able to come because of the railway strike at the time, but she wanted to pick up the dog in a few days. However, the response extension will also expire. However, the woman continues to look for excuses as to why she was stopped. “Since the beginning of February, 20 collection dates have not been met,” said a shocked Baldur Krantz.

Bizkit, a bulldog, was not picked up by his owner at the dog hotel after several days.
Bizkit, a bulldog, was not picked up by his owner at the dog hotel after several days. © Animal Shelter Limburg – Facebook

Bulldog Bizkit at dog hotel: owner absent

Krantz is no longer able to contact the woman. He even tried to find out where he was currently staying at the civil registration office, using the address he had given at the dog hotel. But it was not successful. Apparently, Bizkit’s (former) owner is not registered in any of the suspected locations.

Baldur Kranz will continue to care for the male dog until a new owner is found. However, it is not a permanent solution for the dog. The dog has no family ties. He must return to a place where there are people who will care for him. is helping to find a suitable home for this furry friend.” Anyone interested should contact Elfi Weisbrod on 0163 6830060. (MS)

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