May 21, 2024

Anyone who ends up vacationing with a dog in a hotel where four-legged friends are tolerated rather than welcomed is likely to have a number of unpleasant experiences. You’ll probably get looked at at the front desk or assigned to the last room. , unrenovated corners of the hotel, or your faithful companion will not be allowed to stay with you in the restaurant or breakfast room. You can avoid this by choosing accommodations that are specifically designated for dogs.
The internet portal can help. This year marks his fifth award as Europe’s most dog-friendly accommodation. More than 700 companies from 12 countries ran for election. 50 outstanding people received awards. His two Austrian hotels are in the top five.
First place went to Naturforsthaus in Preyteneg (Carinthia), followed by Waldeck Dog Resort in Philipsreuth (Bavaria) and Natur Dog Hotel Bergfried in Rötz (Bavaria). Almfriedenhotel & Romantic Chalets (Ramsauam He Dachstein, Styria) and Seehotel Moldan in Postmünster (Bavaria) follow him in fourth and fifth place. A total of 26 of the 50 award-winning accommodation providers are from Austria. This time, there are no companies from Upper Austria in the top 50.
After a strong performance in recent years, Naturforsthaus in Plaitenegg has topped the Awards for the first time. Since August 2020, Nadia and Jorg Winter have been welcoming people and animals to their bed and breakfast in Lavantal. Four-legged friends can look forward to a dog bathing pond, a fenced dog sniffing forest, professional dog seminars, and 15,000 square meters of racing and playgrounds. In 2024, in addition to a number of minor renovations, a “dog diving pool” was also built for four-legged guests.
Information about all winners can be found at

The winner will be determined as follows:

– In the first step, dog-specific features and services provided to dogs are evaluated using 24 queries.

– Reviews from dog owners posted on are also included in the calculation.

– To prevent manipulation, the operators of the portal have incorporated specially developed “authenticity elements” into the ratings. Bad reviews are given in relation to the number of rooms at the property. The fewer negative reviews there are for each room, the better.

– Categories: The “Dog” (Dog) classification from 1 to 6 represents dog-friendly amenities and services, similar to a hotel’s stars. Inu means dog. Allowed. Six dogs means this facility is dedicated to dogs and their owners.


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