July 12, 2024

Thanks to his excellent nose, Karl the dog found lost and disoriented people without the help of humans. He received an award for this achievement.

Schnauzer Karl is, of course, a member of the disaster response rescue dog team in the Kaiserslautern area, along with his owner Stephanie Weber. In this role, he was on the hunt for a missing and disoriented person from a nursing home.

Karl finds people without the help of technology and humans

And Karl found her. Without any orders from her owner, I started looking for her on my own. According to a press release from the district, the dog followed a different path than other dogs and quickly found and rescued the missing person.

District administrator awards dog for first time

For this achievement, Carl received a certificate and a medal. It was the work of District Administrator Ralf Resmeister (CDU), who, as he himself says, was the first in history to award a dog. And what about Carl? It is said that he was delighted with this honor. But he was even more pleased with the additional portions of his favorite dish: scrambled eggs and meat sausage.

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