May 18, 2024

St. Lorenz North. It’s actually a peaceful place. Duck Pond, south of Dawnbright Settlement, is a small body of water surrounded by reeds and trees. The adjacent community garden and the paths around the pond are used by many walkers, both with and without dogs. According to eyewitness accounts, a horrifying incident occurred on Wednesday (exact time unknown) at this human and animal retreat.

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Dagmar Picard was walking by a duck pond when he heard a woman’s voice calling for help. A voice calls out to her, “My dog, my dog.” Picard said she followed the call and saw a light-colored dog being attacked by a large rodent. “The animals never let him go,” Picard said. It clung to the dog for 20 minutes. “It was scary,” she recalls.

“Nyutria appear in all waters of Lübeck.”

The incident is already trending on Facebook. A user who claims to have witnessed the scene said: “The beaver/nutbird came out of the water so fast that the owner got so scared that he dropped the leash.The rodent chased after the dog and he He is said to have run away.” I was attacked. Witnesses unanimously reported that the dog was seriously injured. It is unknown what condition the animal is currently in.

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“We can rule out the possibility that it was a beaver,” said Benno Mores, contact person for the Lübeck Nature Conservation Society. Beavers don’t even occur in Lübeck. Mores guesses it was a nutria. The nutria, also known as the beaver rat, is a type of rodent that originally lives in South America. It can grow up to 65 centimeters in length and is considered an invasive species. “Nutrias are very defensive and very survivable,” Mores says. It also spreads quickly because it has no natural enemies. “In fact, nutria appear in all waters of Lübeck. Nutria were also spotted in Stockelsdorf, not far from the duck pond.”

A dog was allegedly attacked by a rodent at a duck pond south of the hamlet of Dawnbright on Wednesday.

City game officials also say it’s probably not a beaver. If there is a problem with wildlife in the city, the city can hire hunters to hunt there, a spokesperson for the hunting authority said. So far, I have not heard of any problems with nutria.

Hunter Wolf Mencken warns that you need to be careful when encountering wild animals. “When you get close to wild animals, they don’t really like it,” he says. “Nutrias are becoming more and more common. Hunters consider this animal a problem species.”

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Raccoons have also been spotted near the duck pond.

Attacks on dogs have become a hot topic at Duck Pond. “I’ve heard about it,” said Isabel Bolz, a current dog walker. Two other walkers with dogs already knew about the incident. “We’re not going to change our route because of this,” they say. We may need to be more careful in this area in the future. “We’ve seen raccoons here before,” the two walkers say.

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“We have not yet had any nutria attacks in our clinic,” says Lübeck veterinarian Kaya Rose. Dr. Rose explains how veterinarians treat pets attacked by wild animals. “In such cases, we perform surgery or clean the wound and administer antibiotics in both cases. Basically, she can give pet owners a warning such as: ” Such things are very rare. ”


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