May 18, 2024

Nienhagen. On Sunday, April 7, between 10am and 11am, a Cane Corso dog bit and assaulted an Akita dog at a dog park in Michelweg, Nienhagen, causing injuries to the dog, Cele police said this week. It was announced Friday. Previously, the owner was in the dog pasture with other dogs and their owners. No behavioral problems were detected at this time. According to the victim, the silver-black Cane Corso owned by an unknown couple suddenly bit the victim’s dog, injuring its throat and hind legs.

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Dog owners simply leave the grassland with their animals

The Cane Corso’s owners tried to stop the dog by shouting, but were unsuccessful. A further bite attack on a smaller white dog followed, leaving the dog with serious injuries. The owners of the dog in question, possibly called Blackie, put their dog in their car and quickly left the dog park. This vehicle is said to be dark colored.

We are looking for witnesses to the biting attack.

Police are currently looking for witnesses to the incident. In particular, the owner of the seriously injured dog and the owners of other dogs who were at the scene are asked to contact police in Wadlingen on (05144) 495460.

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On this topic page We are collecting more blue light related items related to police and fire brigade activity in the area.

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